100% Natural Super Maxx Heat Oil by Botanica Studio Treats Sore Muscles & Joints

If you are an avid hiker like me, but wake up the next day with inflamed joints & muscles, I sympathize with your situation. You want pain relief quickly.

Organic solutions are important to me. I look for healthy products. What I discovered that eased the pain was a topical anti-inflammatory oil sold on Amazon (an A to Z assortment is the truth).

The ingredients are listed in plain sight and there is nothing I can't pronounce. I have used pain relief creams, but no longer am willing to put on myself or my family toxic ingredients since I discovered that topical products penetrate into the tissues with bad side effects. I quit using them.

Now my go-to solution is Super Maxx Heat oil. There is additional information below. It is recommended for people with muscle aches and pains, achy joints, tendonitis, golf or tennis elbow, red puffy knees, stiff fingers and wrists, and back or neck pain. I apply the naturally scented oil into my sore muscles after a nice bath. Then I apply it a few times during the day. That helps me to feel amazing.

Proven to be healthy ingredients include calendula, arnica and aloe vera and numerous other pure herbs. Oh, did I say there are no chemical and artificial perfumes? Therefore, it is alright to apply several times each day. Botanica Studio is a health conscious resource for innovative and healthy products. I am going to watch for their next step.

100% Natural Super Maxx Heat Oil by Botanica Studio Treats Sore Muscles & Joints

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Are low or mid back pains stopping you from living life to the maxx? Try the rub-in natural therapeutic Super Maxx Heat Oil to find hope without the unexpected side effects of prescription medicines.

May be used for:

• Tennis Elbow or Tendonitis
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Neck and Back Pain
• Aching Muscles and Joints
• Stiff Fingers and Wrists
• Arthritis Suffering

Are puffy joints and muscles affecting your outlook on life? We pull a muscle lifting heavy objects, working out too hard at the gym until our shoulder, elbows or other muscles ache. As we get older, we can get chronic ailments like arthritis. Super Maxx Heat passes through the skin deep into the painful area without passing through the stomach and liver like prescription medications for pain can. It can be used alone or along with other therapies and often works where other therapeutic modalities have failed.

Super Maxx Heat is not a pain relief cream or a pain ointment, but is a penetrating oil. 100 percent natural, wild-crafted or organic ingredients consist of Calendula, Arnica, Aloe Vera and many more.

Many regard it highly and people have even said it's a blessing. We hear success stories constantly!

Our unique formula delivers safe and effective herbal ingredients – a small amount goes a long way, therefore just rub in a few drops of oil into the painful area. Avoid contact with eyes or other sensitive areas. Keep away from children. Recommended to use several times a day.

You CAN have the FREEDOM to enjoy all your favorite sports & activities, have FUN and LIVE LIFE…

Don’t suffer another day!

Try Super Maxx Heat Oil. Keep it available – one in your gym bag, another in your medicine cabinet.

Buy Super Maxx Heat with certainty quickly, knowing you are ordering from a trusted company with a no-questions-asked, money-back GUARANTEE. Order another for a friend.

100% Natural Super Maxx Heat Oil by Botanica Studio Treats Sore Muscles & Joints