12 Minute Exercise Band Fat Burning Circuit–Anytime Any Place

This one will get the entire body working for optimum fat burn and toning. Bear in mind to breathe deep and keep your core muscles (belly area) tight throughout each motion. Each Lap or Circuit ought to burn in between 100-125 calories. Optional motions are provided for a few of the harder steps. No need to go to the fitness center, get your Super Exercise Band Portable Gym, anytime-anywhere. No more excuses. Let's begin. You'll need a jump rope and 1 resistance band for this circuit routine from your portable gym pouch. <br><br>Printable version of the circuit is downloadable at the Super Exercise Band Portable Gym website. More videos and routines are also offered. So, let's get started.<br><br>


12 Minute Exercise Band Fat Burning Circuit  Anytime Any Place