3 Muscle Building Tips For Your Ectomorph Workouts

By James Kupe

It can be really hard to come up with well designed ectomorph workouts that can help you to build body mass. It’s interesting that most people don’t realize that people with an ectomorph body type really do need a different kind of fitness plan to people with an average body type.

Simply following some kind of general workout program will not help you gain much if any muscle, so you’ll need to make a few changes to your routine if you want to get results. Here’s 3 important tips you should remember when training your body.

Tip 1 – Consume More Food To Get Enough Calories

Ectomorphs are known for eating a lot of food, but are you doing it correctly? Two major mistakes ectomorphs make is eating when they shouldn’t, and not consuming enough calories. Since you have such a high metabolism, in addition to doing specifically designed ectomorph workouts, you’ll need to eat at least five to six times per day.

You’ll also need to consume at least 3000 calories each day as opposed to the average person who typically requires only two thirds of that amount. Of course you can’t go eating a bunch of junk food. You should always eat foods that are good for you so you are properly fueling your muscles ready for growth.

Tip 2 – Reduce The Time You Spend Working Out

The key to having the most effective ectomorph workouts for gaining muscle mass is to spend less time at the gym. If you are spending hours and hours at the gym working out, you may be finding you still aren’t making any progress regardless of all that work.

A good workout should take no longer than forty-five minutes to an hour. At the end of the hour you should feel completely drained and unable to lift anymore, because you’ll keep the intensity as high as possible for maximum effectiveness.

Not only should you be working out for a shorter total amount of time, but you should also reduce the number of days you are visiting the gym. While this is usually a good idea for just about everybody, it is absolutely essential for you. Your body is going to require more time to recover after your more intense than normal workouts, and you won’t be able to handle consecutive days like many others. Try to get three good, solid workouts per week.

Tip 3 – Work Your Entire Body At The Same Time

Since you should not workout more than three days per week, it is not a good idea to perform isolation exercises. Ectomorph workouts should include exercising your entire body for the best results. Focus on exercises that target multiple muscle groups at once, such as dumbbell lateral raises, reverse flyes, weighted squats, deadlift, and swimming.

By including these adjustments in your workout and eating routine, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance possible of having good, effective workouts that will help you gain body and muscle mass. Don’t let your ectomorph body type set you back from having the kind of body you really want. To see real results, make sure you consume lots of healthy calories, keep your routines intense but workout less often, and exercise your entire body during every workout.

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3 Muscle Building Tips For Your Ectomorph Workouts