5 Diet Tips for Eating Out

By Jon Allo

Eating out on a diet can be challenging when you are trying to lose a few pounds. Although going to a restaurant for a meal is a pleasant occasion, your food can end up being more fattening than just enjoying a meal at home. There’s no problem letting a restaurant cook for you so long as you plan ahead and make a few special requests when you order. Here are 5 diet tips for eating out so that you can enjoy a healthier meal.

1. Choose A Restaurant The Serves Healthy Food.

Eating out and eating healthy is not impossible. Try going to the places that advertise healthier menu choices. Some restaurants have special sections on their menus specifically for low calorie or low fat food choices for people who are eating out on a diet. Don’t be afraid to speak up and request something off the menu.

2. Dressing On The Side.

Salads are a healthy choice when you’re eating out on a diet, but some places put too much dressing on their salads, which can cost you unnecessary calories and fat. Simply order the dressing to come on the side and you can control the amount that goes on to your salad.

3. Choose Restaurants That Use Olive Oil In Their Cooking.

A lot of restaurants cook with fattening butter, mainly because it is cheaper for them than cooking with healthier olive oil. There is nothing wrong in asking a restaurant if they use butter or olive oil to cook with and requesting that your meal is prepared without butter or lard.

4. Leave Some Items Out.

If you really want that juicy burger, think about ordering it without the cheese, bacon or mayonnaise (or even the bun)! Sometimes, you can save as much as 25g of fat by just removing the cheese alone.

5. Beware Of Buffets!

The foods that you see in the buffets are ones the restaurants can easily make in bulk. These usually turn out to be fattening fried foods or pasta dishes. Try to steer clear of the fattening items and stick with healthier salads and foods to enjoy the buffet without piling on the calories.

There’s nothing wrong with eating out on a diet once in awhile as long as you don’t overdo it. Don’t just watch what you order, but consider the size of the portions, too. Ask for a to-go box right when your food comes and put some of the food in it for you to eat as leftovers the next day.

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5 Diet Tips for Eating Out