5 Steps To A Successful Weight Loss Exercise Plan

By Jon Allo

It does not matter about your age, gender or physical ability, there are many benefits of exercise. Regular exercise has both immediate and long-lasting effects but it easy to avoid. Often the effort to get started is just too much, and it’s easier to stay sitting on the couch wishing that you could lose weight and get fit rather than actually doing something about it. But you have to break the routine of inactivity. A human body at rest will stay at rest, and a human being in motion will stay in motion.

To get your weight loss exercise plan into action, here are 5 steps to follow to so you can start to live a happier, healthier and longer life.

1. Exercise In The Morning.

You will get more benefits with your weight loss exercise plan if you do your workout first thing in the morning. Exercising at this time of day has been proven to lead to better health patterns, improved day-long productivity and greater consistency to stick with it. It is very easy to make excuses about missing your workout session at the end of a long and busy day,. Whereas in the morning, you are fresh and can get your exercise done before you start your day.

2. Be Consistent.

Exercise regularly for 17 to 21 days. Typically it takes two and a half to three weeks to program your mind into habit forming actions. After that time, which may be shorter for some and longer for some people, your exercise plan has becomes a routine. It results in being a pre-programmed and an automatic activity in your weekly schedule.

3. Alter Your Attitude To Exercise.

Your weight loss exercise plan will help you more than just losing weight. The mental benefits of exercise, even at mild intensity levels, lead to positive self-esteem, lower feelings of depression, less anxiety and reduced stress. It can even improve your sleep patterns. Start off small and slowly build on your amount of daily and weekly physical activity. You will eventually see your perception of exercising begin to improve over time.

4. Have A Goal.

One of the greatest benefits of exercise is the change in your body shape and weight. Shedding several pounds or inches has a significant effect on how you think about exercise and physical activity. By setting objectives you have something to aim. When your weight loss exercise plan has a purpose, it’s more likely that you will reach your desired weight and body shape.

5. Get A Friend To Join In.

Research has consistently proven that getting someone else involved in your exercise regime to lose weight holds you accountable, and you become more consistent with your physical activity. You’ll both enjoy the social benefits of exercise and you’ll start to see the results as you both lose weight. Having a friend that is exercising along with you can really motivate you to keep going.

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5 Steps To A Successful Weight Loss Exercise Plan