7 Healthy Snacks That Help With Weight Loss

By Jon Allo

When you want to lose weight, you need to carefully think about what snacks you are eating. It’s important to be prepared so that when you feel hungry you can have the best healthy snacks handy and ready to eat. Doing this will help you to manage your diet and achieve your weight loss goals. Here are 7 healthy snacks that won’t mess up your diet plans.

1. Fresh Fruit.

Needless to say that fruit is one of the best healthy snacks. It contains natural sugars, fibre and many of the vitamins and minerals your body needs. An apple, peach, pear, banana will always make a healthy and tasty snack. Grapes, berries, or melon are also worth considering. A delicious way to enjoy fruit as a substitute to ice cream, is to chop them up and mix them into a low fat sugar-free yogurt.

2. Yogurt.

Greek yogurt is low in fat and calories and high in protein. It’s ideal for a snack as it comes in small packages. For a well-rounded and delicious snack you can add a tablespoon of granola and some fresh berries.

3. Nuts.

Nuts are full of protein and fiber and make a great snack. Almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and even walnuts are all make an excellent and delicious snack. Nuts also contain the kind of healthy fat your body needs. Also, low-fat, low-calorie granola bars are one of the best healthy snack bars.

4. Vegetables and Hummus.

Hummus is a tasty dip made from chick peas and sesame seed paste. For a healthy snack, eat it with celery sticks, carrots and other sliced vegetables.

5. Tuna or Sardines.

Fish is one of the best whole foods to lose weight. It’s full of omega fatty acids and it’s high in protein. Tuna and sardines with crackers makes a great healthy snack. Tuna and sardines also come in handy snack packs, which makes them an easy snack to take on the go.

6. Fig Rolls.

Sugar free fig rolls are another healthy snack. They don’t have as much fat as the pastries and they can satisfy your sweet craving that you may be feeling when you feel like reaching for a donut, sweet pastry or cake.

7. Chips and Guacamole.

This may not sound like a healthy snack but baked tortilla chips and homemade guacamole will not blow your diet as much as you might think. Avocados are rich in healthy fats, just like nuts. A portion of guacamole and five or six low-fat, baked, tortilla chips is a perfectly healthy snack.

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7 Healthy Snacks That Help With Weight Loss