A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Illness and Exercise

By Lewis A Bailey

A question I often get asked as a personal trainer is whether it is OK to exercise while feeling unwell?
Now that illness is on the increase as we are entering the cold months, let me show you how to recover quicker

Firstly during the acute stages of illness you should NOT DO ANYTHING! Allow your body to recover and fight the early stages of the sickness. Exercise shouldn’t be attempted until after few days when the symptoms begin to reduce and we feel better but still not 100%.

The exercise must be light. If you attempt a vigorous training routine your body will not thank you and make you pay for it. Reason for this comes down to a part of the nervous system which controls your stress response. Your immune system will be over worked trying to fight the infection and placing the body in a highly intense training session will only place great stress on the already depleted immune and cell function.

Here’s how to approach it. Firstly, when you feel slightly better look at doing a training session but only up to 50% of your normal intensity and for only half the time. Take a day off the following day. This will help stimulate your vital organ functions without placing a great strain on the body.

After few days try tai-chi or some sort of meditation as a deep relaxation session.. By completely relaxing the body allows a part of your autonic nervous system to enter an anabolic state which promotes tissue, cell and immune function. Try to avoid some forms of yoga that are quite intense, although yoga is good it can also be very demanding on the body. If you get stuck with relaxation exercises then visit our website and one of our trainers will help you.

Booking an aromatherapy massage is an effective way of speeding up the recovery process.. The massage helps flush the lymphatic system allowing the illness to pass through the lymphatic nodes.

The next time you attempt exercise usually after a couple of days try to increase the intensity level to 75% of your normal routine.. for the next two sessions, Increase the time of your session to 80% but keep the same intensity level..

A two day rest should help you feel better, and if you feel 100% take your session up to 90%. See how you feel the next day , if you feel OK the next day then resume your training sessions as normal..

It is advisable to drink plenty of water throughout the recovery process and make sure your are taking plenty of vitamins and minerals from fruit and veg.

Follow this and you should have rid of that nasty illness after 10 days and be back on top form. You should always seek medical advice if your symptoms do not alter..

Lewis Bailey is a highly experienced and qualified personal trainer helping many individuals with numerous health problems and fitness goals. Regardless of the individuals circumstances he can help every person he sees through utilising a holistic approach to training clients. For more information visit www.elitefitnessconsultants.co.uk

A Personal Trainers Guide to Illness and Exercise