Abuse Of Meth And Its Side Effects

Crystal Meth is a stimulant drug that has acute negative effects on central nervous system (CNS). This drug can be used in a pill state or in a crushed state by breathing in or injecting. Meth is one of the most terrible drugs to become addicted to. It is intensely habit forming because once ingested into the body, it makes the individual want more and more.

Methamphetamine in a more condensed condition is called Ice or Glass. It got this name since it looks very clear like glass. This type of Meth is greatly potent and it is administered by smoking. The effects of Glass or Ice can last from a couple of hours and to 20 hours. This form of Methamphetamine does not have color and smell.

The use of Meth affects the structure of the brain, primarily the area that releases a compound known as dopamine. This chemical is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in pleasure and motivation. It is responsible for feelings of happiness and for continuously encouraging the things that give those feelings. This is why use of Meth is easily addictive, challenging to overcome, and explains why it it is linked to highly risky sexual behavior. It should be kept in mind that sex and food and other naturally rewarding activities create dopamine.

Methamphetamine abuse side effects:

Initail symptoms of addiction to Methamphetamine include increased sweating, hyperactivity, fury, nervousness, periods of excessive sleep (even more than twenty four hours)

Signs of constant meth abuse comprise paranoia, depression, weight loss because of reduced appetite, agitation, high blood pressure, stroke, skin problems, heart troubles.

The effects the body will have from methamphetamine abuse will be many. When this drug is taken orally, it raises the rate of heart beat and blood pressure. The heart beat becomes very irregular and erratic. The feelings of acute thirstiness emerge and problem with swallowing shows up. The kidneys hate Meth, the person using Methamphetamine can hardly urinate.

Long term intake leads to skin problems (such as swelling, welts, bumps, and infections), undernourishment states, wounds in stomach, and deficiency of vitamins problems. It is also common to contact AIDS from the sharing of dirty needles with diseased people, other serious heart and lung disorders, and mental troubles with suicidal inclinations are frequent. The patterns of talking become very fast, slurred and garbled. The pupils of the Meth user become widened.

The physical coordination of abuser is seriously damaged causing the individual to have trouble with steadiness. Exceedingly high doses of Meth can also result in an individual to collapse of faint. If the drug is injected, having a high body temperature is another common side effect.

Abuse Of Meth And Its Side Effects