Alcohol Addiction And The Different Health Problems That May Develop Even Before A Baby Is Delivered

By Richard Maputi

With dependence on alcohol, the damage done to families and relationships are massive. It demands the prompt attention of authorities and health crusaders. The harmful effects of liquor have been handed from one generation to another. In most cases, the innocent child becomes a victim of the mother’s habit. Unconsciously, the child becomes alcoholic even before he is born. We need to educate moms and people who are intending to be mothers on the consequences of alcoholism to their unborn child.

Everybody needs to be reminded that the mother as well as child are basically taking in exactly the same food as well as beverages. Everything that the mother consumes moves rapidly in the placenta and gets to the unborn child. The alcohol level in the blood of the mom is nearly as high as the child. Taking into consideration the size of the baby within the mother’s womb, the fetus’ battle to liquor is amazing.

During pregnancy, the child is developing rapidly. All through this development stage, he needs oxygen as well as appropriate nourishment. The introduction of liquor through the mother obstructs the development process. Liquor in the fetus’ system deprives him from getting adequate oxygen as well as nutrition. Liquor doesn’t have any vitamins and minerals necessary for the baby to grow. Alcoholic mothers need to visit an experienced therapist at a rehab center to help her through her pregnancy while fighting the battle against liquor.

Binge drinking among pregnant women affects the child’s brain development. Research calls this ARND or alcohol-related neurodevelopment disorder. When the baby is exposed to alcohol during pregnancy, they are at risk for psychological disorders. This condition would lead to learning disability in later years. Signs like short retention, lack of attention, as well as poor muscle reflexes may also take place later in the child’s life. A child born from an alcoholic mother also faces high risk of kidney failure.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy leads to a disorder labeled as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). This is permanent because this affects the physical feature of the child. A child with FAS may suffer from facial irregularities. Smaller head circumference, small mid face, thinner upper lip, and small eyes are several features you will observe in a child with FAS.

Mothers with drinking problem should think again before bearing a baby. Studies are even debating about the idea that a mother should be sober months before becoming pregnant. This choice is vital not only for this era but also to the unborn child. It’s time to get some assistance from a treatment center for alcoholism.

During pregnancy, it is certainly difficult to withdraw from using alcoholic beverages. Rehabilitation facilities will be able to walk you through on how to manage alcoholism during pregnancy. Managing the process should be done only with the advice of professional therapists and physicians trained in this area. Wrong supervision may also affect the well being of a fetus inside a mother’s womb. Knowing the disastrous effects of alcohol to your body and the child’s physical and mental well-being is a huge step to attaining a sober life.

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Alcohol Addiction And The Different Health Problems That May Develop Even Before A Baby Is Delivered