An Outline of the Lance Armstrong Workout 2010

The subject of the Lance Armstrong workout is on a lot of people’s minds after watching the 2010 Tour de France. He is not only functionally fit, the guy is ripped. To the bodybuilding world he may look small, but to the mainstream he looks outstanding. He can fit well in a suit and dress clothes, but also looks shredded with his shirt off. The big bulky look is out, and more and more people appreciate the natural look of a physique like Lance Armstrong’s.

lance armstrong workout

Let’s take a look at some Lance Armstrong workout videos…

Lance Armstrong Training

Excerpts from a series of interval training workouts produced by Pacific Sun Productions for Lance Armstrong’s Coach Chris Carmichael, and Carmichael Training Systems.

EXCLUSIVE: Lance Armstrong Complete Core Weights Workout Training

Stage 5

Fitness-Lance Armstrong Full Body Workout Routine -Strength Training

Fitness Training by Lance Armstrong. An awesome Full Body Workout Routine

Quick Workout: Time Trial, Gym-Style (Get Faster)

Lance Armstrong’s strength and conditioning coach Peter Park shows us a fast and effective workout for building power and speed. For more videos and blogs from Lance and his team, visit

Quick Workout: Climb Better

Lance Armstrong’s strength coach, Peter Park, takes us through four quick exercises that Lance uses to build powerful legs for climbing. For more videos and blogs from Lance and his team, visit

Some of Lance Armstrong workout blog posts as well…

Lance Armstrong's Workout Routine

As Lance Armstrong prepares for the Tour de France, take a look at how he works out and eats. Plus, learn more about the cyclist’s FRS healthy energy drinks.

Publish Date: 07/02/2010 7:53

Lance Armstrong's Workout Routine | How To Lose Weight Blog

Cyclist and fitness enthusiast Lance Armstrong, born September 18, 1971 in Plano, Texas, began running and swimming at a young age and rapidly progressed to.

Publish Date: 07/04/2010 7:10

Recovox News: Triathlon Cycling Interval Workouts

Chris Carmichael is Lance Armstrong’s personal coach and founder of Carmichael Training Systems, the Official Coaching Partner of Ironman and Ironman 70.3. Jim Rutberg is a Pro Coach for Carmichael Training Systems, Inc. and co-author …

Publish Date: 07/09/2010 9:21

How to Train Like Lance Armstrong – Men's Fitness

How to Train Like Lance Armstrong. The seven-time Tour champ’s trainer, Chris Carmichael, reveals Armstrong’s workout secrets. by Dean Stattmann. Print Article Email to Friend. You might want to train for a 100-mile ride. …

Publish Date: 06/04/2010 0:00

Top Fitness Tips from Lance Armstrong's Trainer! – Wedding Blog

Special to OneWed from Peter Park, personal trainer, owner of Platinum Fitness in Santa Barbara, and strength and conditioning coach of seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong!… … Use carbs strategically to recover from workouts, and consume 25-50 grams alongside 10 -14 grams of protein after strenuous workouts. Otherwise, try to cut large quantities of carbohydrates from your diet at least 3 months prior to the wedding. 3. Try to eat 5-6 small meals throughout …

Publish Date: 07/08/2009 11:37

Cardio secret that propels Lance Armstrong

What is Lance Armstrong doing that you can do to improve your results? Most people exercise to lose weight, focusing solely on that one single goal. But wait, it is not only about looking aesthetically pleasing, getting in those tight …

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Lance Armstrong Gym Workout Routine

Video link to Lance Armstrong Gym Workout Routine. Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong shows how it’s done in the gym.

Publish Date: 01/04/2010 15:00

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lance armstrong workout