Approaches to Building Muscle Without Weights

A lot of people these days are interested in building muscle without weights. It makes sense, because if you can master this there isn’t really need for a gym. Also, many people believe that a body built without weights is more functionally fit than one built in the gym. Body weight exercises and old school calisthenics are certainly making a comeback.
Approaches to Building Muscle Without Weights

You Can Build an Impressive Body Without Weights

There are simply too many examples of people who build amazing physiques without weights. A simple Youtube search will show you groups of guys who get fit by focusing on playground equipment. I know it sounds crazy, but many of these guys are in better shape than even the fittest people in gyms.

[This is just one of the many impressive body weight videos on Youtube. Seriously, search around and prepare to get blown away!]

So Why Don’t More People Respect Body Weight Exercises?

I think people get the idea that chin ups and push ups and all of that is mainly just for kids in Elementary school and Junior High. People believe we just do these exercises in PE class to prepare our bodies to get ready for weight lifting. Many believe that weight lifting is for people who are serious about building muscle. Well if you are only lifting weights to build muscle, you are building a one-dimensional body.

Moving Your Body Against Gravity Is More Applicable Out in the Real World

The ability to pull your body up or push your body up off the ground is more important than lifting an object a lot of the time. Their is a reason that the military focuses so heavy on body weight exercise. The ability to climb as well as hitting the ground then explode back up can be the difference between life or death. The ability to lift things comes in handy, but not as crucial as the ability to lift your own body weight. Here are some tips when it comes to building muscle without weights.

Don’t Just Do High Rep Work When You Get Strong

If you can easily do 50 push ups, then switch to close grip push ups. Once those begin to get easy, aim for one arm push ups. By the time you are able to perform 10-15 one arm push ups, your arms shoulders and chest will have a lot of chiseled mass.

Work Your Way to One Limb Movements

For the upper body work your way up to 30-50 reps in push ups and chin ups. At that point narrow your grip. Once that becomes easy, use one-arm at a time. For legs, you will want to do shallow one-leg “pistol squats” and work your way to deeper depths. If you can master these one arm and one leg movements you will be living proof of building muscle without weights.

building muscle without weights