Arginine NO2 Supplement ~ Pre-Workout Boost

I've been training in martial arts for the better part of the past 20 years. This means I train all the time. Good thing, because I personally have no tolerance for the weight room. It is boring. Although difficult, my martial arts workouts keep me interested and so far have kept me in pretty good shape for my age. Unfortunately, that age has increased to the point that I began looking for something to help give me the boost I need to make it through the training sessions.<br><br>At first I was buying those little energy shots. They worked pretty good, but they tasted terrible and were pretty expensive. Then a training partner recommended that I look into the amino acid L-Arginine. Since that training partner also happens to be a doctor, I decided to take his recommendation.<br><br>He explained that L-Arginine is transformed in the body to Nitric Oxide, which causes the blood vessels to expand and boost your circulation. More blood, means more oxygen to the muscles and brain (along with more nutrients), thereby boosting your energy and endurance. He mentioned it should also improve my recovery time, since that increased blood flow would also help move the waste products created when the muscles use a lot of energy.<br><br>Since I spend my work day in front of a computer, I began hunting around and discovered this Sorvita L-Arginine supplement on Amazon. I really liked the fact that it was just the amino acid without a lot of additional ingredients that the good doctor did not specify. Who needs the possible side effects anyhow? The price was reasonable and since I am an Amazon Prime customer I even got free delivery. I also liked that they were capsules so I wouldn't have to mix anything or down more bad tasting &quot;fruit&quot; flavored crap.<br><br>I've been taking this stuff for about 2 weeks now and wow what a difference! I have way more energy and stamina and I don't feel bad or jacked up like I was afraid would happen. What's also pretty cool is after a good workout, my muscles are completely pumped which has gotten a few &quot;what are you doing?&quot; questions in the locker room. I just tell them to try this Sorvita Arginine stuff. I recommend it to them and so now I'm recommending it to you.<br><br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>Your hunt for the perfect pre-workout booster is finally over. <br><br>After you order Sorvita&trade; L-Arginine today, here is what you ought to do. When that box from Amazon is delivered, open it and remove your new bottle. You are holding one hundred and twenty potent capsules made right here in the United States under stringent Good Manufacturing Practices in an FDA inspected facility. Half and hour before your next workout, open the bottle and grab 2 capsules. Pop them into your mouth and swallow them with 8 to 10oz of H2O. Simple – no powders to mix or bad tasting punch flavors to choke down. Now get going to your workout. Your body will convert the amino acids in each pill into NO2 and cause your blood vessels to expand, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your hard working muscles with each beat of your heart.<br><br>What separates Sorvita&trade; Nitric Oxide from the competition? <br><br>It's simple. We focus on proven, high quality, bio-available amino acids with no extra stimulants, mystery &quot;proprietary&quot; blends or gimmicky ingredients. You know that if you eat junk, you get junk results. Give your body the premium building blocks it requires to maximize the work you put in, and you'll experience less soreness and faster recovery times. Boost your health even on non-workout days. L-Arginine is used to improve cardiovascular function, circulation and wound healing, reduce infections, inflammation and reduce blood pressure.<br><br>We make a money-back guarantee that we call our No-Hassle Promise and here is how it works.<br><br>Use our L-Arginine Nitric Oxide Booster. If you don't feel it was worth every penny of your investment today, contact us and we'll give you your entire purchase price back no questions asked. You are protected by this guarantee if you used one pill or the entire bottle! That's how sure we are you will be happy and keep coming back for more! So order now and when you do consider buying 2… one for you and one for your exercise partner.<br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Find out more at arginine/</a>

Arginine NO2 Supplement ~ Pre Workout Boost