Avoid These 4 Diet Plans To Reduce Weight

By Jon Allo

In today’s fast-paced society, some overweight people unwisely attempt diet plans to lose weight that offer quick fix solutions to achieve weight loss goals. These diets can be more risky than the unhealthy meals of fast and fatty foods that caused the excess weight in the first place.

To lose weight safely and to maintain that weight loss you need to adopt a sensible diet plan and avoid the following at all costs.

Using Diet Drugs.

Diet pills can be harmful, habit forming and even lethal in some circumstances. Downing pills is one of the worst diet plans to lose weight because it doesn’t alter the bad habits which brought on your weight gain initially. The strong stimulating elements in a lot of diet pills can cause ups and downs in your mood, high blood pressure and other adverse signs and symptoms.


Using laxatives as one of your diet plans to lose weight seems to make a lot of sense. Laxatives help the human body digest food faster, and those looking for some rapid and effective weight loss point to the fact that they still get to eat the food they love, but thanks to laxatives, it passes through their system before any calories can get absorbed. And unfortunately, laxatives can show a pretty quick and carefree weight loss. However, they drastically dehydrate your body, which causes a number of health concerns and problems. And repeated laxative use can also lessen the effect of any medication you are on.


This unhealthy weight loss method mixes a high volume of drinking with very little eating. To counteract the huge intake of calories during a heavy drinking session, some people eat very little or even nothing at all during and after a drinking binge. This may possibly sound like an easy diet to lose weight but alcohol misuse mixed with starvation is unhealthy and, in the worst case scenario, potentially deadly.


You need calories, proteins and fats to provide the fuel that makes your body work, even whilst you are sleeping. Starvation diets to lose weight are extremely unhealthy. You will lose weight as you burn calories that are not being replaced, but there are many negative effects to your body when you starve yourself. These include hair loss, a weakened immune system, sleeping problems, depression, and the severe and unhealthy breakdown of muscles and organs.

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Avoid These 4 Diet Plans To Reduce Weight