Beginner Body Builders Basic Rules

By Darrel Mitchell

These are basic rules for weight lifters that are starting out. If you follow them you will see better results and meet your goals faster.

Warm Up Your Body

Going for a walk around the block or sitting down and doing some stretching is not enough to get your muscles warmed up. You will need to work out 5 to 10 minutes to get a sweat building up and have your heart beat going faster.

Do A Full Body Workout

There are two types of workout routines, full body and split routines. A full body routine is just that, you will be exercising all your muscle groups that same day. A split routine is when you focus on just one type of muscle group. For a beginner you should focus on a full body workout, but if you can’t you can split it up to an upper body on one day then lower body on the next workout day. Professional body builders will use a split routine, so they can build on what muscles need more work. But as a beginner you will need to work on all your muscles and the full body routine will eventually save you more time.

Leg Training Is A Must

To develop the lower body, you should try dead lifts, squats, or lunges. You should put in the same amount of time in your lower muscle groups as you put in your upper body muscle groups. Some body builders will not do this, because they think that the lower body is not as flashy as having bigger arms or chest. A well-defined bodybuilder has great lower and upper body development, they believe that having great legs is just as important as having a great upper body.

Do More Rest Less

Spending less time between sets will increase your metabolism. Because you are doing more work in less time. You should shoot for 10 to 60 seconds of rest between sets, this will be enough time for your muscles to recover and be ready for the next set. A lot of bodybuilders at the gym will spend 5 minutes between sets watching TV, getting the latest news on their sports team instead of working out. Don’t be like them, get your work done in the shortest amount of time.

Focus Is Your Key

One reason some body builders don’t add on muscles, they lack focus. Weight training is hard work and it requires more mental energy that physical energy. To add muscles it take dedication to working out every week and some people will be lacking this focus. When you work out, just work out, leave your phone off and leave all of your worries behind. You can go back to your daily life after your done with your workout.

No Room For Excuses

Some weight lifters get stuck in a routine and lift the same weights over and over. They complain about not making any advancement, but don’t do anything about it. They are in fact creating their own plateau. They need to stop making excuses and change-up their routine. In fact you should change your routine every 3 to 4 weeks. This helps to keep your workout program fresh and you should master these new exercises now when you’re a beginner, because it will pay off big later on.

Look For Expert Advice

Most gyms today offers professional training by fitness instructors. These instructors will help you to improve your workout routine to gain muscle mass, lower your body fat, or increase your cardio fitness. They understand the human body and how it works. So take their advice on how to improve your routine, because they also been training for years. But there is a down side to this, they will charge you for their time. However you can search the web for weight training programs for less. Professional athletes have their own professional trainers and you should also seek advice from trainers at the gym or from weight training programs from the web.

Look Forward to Working Out

Getting fit is an enjoyable experience. If you don’t get excited about looking better, increase in energy, and increase in endurance, than weight training is not for you. Weight training is hard work and you should learn from your mistakes, and you will make some. Don’t be discouraged, you will overcome this and become stronger from it. Don’t forget to reward yourself when you reach a goal.

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Beginner Body Builders Basic Rules