Best Quality Exercise Resistance Bands by HardcoreMiniGym – The Ultimate at Home Fitness Equipment.

When I began taking a look at workout resistance bands on Amazon, I was astonished at the choice. There are literally hundreds to choose from.

However, after much browsing, I decided to try the resistance bands that are sold by HardcoreMiniGym. They encouraged me that their Pilates bands were a little bit different.

I actually get a light allergic reaction to latex, and so I could not believe it when I saw that these bands were latex-free! Yeah! There were other interesting differences too, like being two metres long, as well as coming in a cool little zip bag. I also liked all the favorable reviews, both in relation to the product, as well as for the customer support offered by HardcoreMiniGym.

I am a big fan of shopping on Amazon (I like the quick shipping plus they have a really comforting money-back warranty that guarantees you are always satisfied with your purchase), so I thought I would give these HardcoreMiniGym resistance bands a shot, and wow, did it turn out to be a fantastic choice. I got the Heavy Tension resistance band, however exactly what really impressed me was the amazing follow up service I got from the business, giving me with a number of fantastic suggestions on utilizing my resistance band, and ways to take care of it.

They also told me that they have a YouTube channel (simply type 'HardcoreMiniGym' into the browser) with videos revealing you ways to utilize the workout bands. I really found it helpful to see somebody perform the workout, and it is a fantastic source of workout ideas. He even demonstrates seated workouts! He also has an intriguing blog site.

When I think about it, these resistance bands are the supreme piece of workout kit due to the fact that they are low-cost, portable, and you can literally work every one of your muscles with them.

They suggest simply doing some workouts with the stretch band while the kettle is boiling, or while you view TV. Excellent! I now take it everywhere. For instance I always pack it when I go on a company trip, and do a 10 minutes workout in my hotel room. I even took it on vacation recently!

I understand it is only a workout resistance band, however everything about this product has actually impressed me. It's a fantastic product that feels like it will last a life time, and the business provides superb customer support. I 100% advise getting one – you'll be surprised just how much you utilize it. When it comes to working out, every little bit helps!

Best Quality Exercise Resistance Bands by HardcoreMiniGym   The Ultimate at Home Fitness Equipment.

These exercise resistance bands are created by HardcoreMiniGym.

They have a number of differentiating functions that makes them distinct and impressive.

Workout resistance bands are a really superb piece of workout equipment. They are portable, affordable, and exceptionally efficient for working out practically every muscle and muscle group in the body.

Making use of stretch bands is an exceptionally effective approach of working out. This is due to the fact that when you work out with resistance bands, your body is engaged in a compound workout movement, implying the workout is at a muscle group, or system, level. This is the antithesis of using some fitness center device, where commonly only one muscle is engaged (for instance the triceps).

Resistance bands can be made use of for many types of workout including home fitness, resistance training, Pilates, Yoga mat workouts, stretching, Beachbody Workout, P90X.

Bands are also excellent for elderly exercisers who wish to improve their general health and vigor, as well as their movement, and many resistance band workouts can be done from a seated position. This also makes them ideal for rehabilitation programs.

HardcoreMiniGym offer three various levels of resistance or tension:-

The Heavy Tension band is created for men, as well as for strong and athletic women.

The Medium Tension band is mainly created for women, however also for men who have a lighter build.

The Light Tension band is for elderly exercisers, novice exercisers, and for those embarking on a programme of rehabilitation.

If you go to Amazon, you will see that there are many resistance bands to choose from, however the following attributes make the HardcoreMiniGym product the 'go to' resistance bands for your purchasing choice:-.

These bands are latex-free. Approximately 10% of people get an allergic reaction to latex. Sometimes this is a light response, and in some cases it is extreme. These bands are made using TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer), which has comparable elastic properties to latex. However, being latex-free, you can work out safe with the understanding that you won't develop an allergic reaction. We call this 'latex-free peace of mind'.

These bands are two metres long. A lot of bands are much shorter than this (1m to 1.2 m). The longer HardcoreMiniGym band enables you to quickly double/triple the band to double/triple the level of resistance. Also, you can tie the ends of the band together to create a workout loop. This is especially helpful for leg workouts.

These bands are nicely packaged into a zip-bag for convenient storage. This also makes them excellent for gifting.

In these ways, the HardcoreMiniGym bands address many of the negative comments that people publish about other resistance bands on Amazon.

A workout guide is included with the band, and HardcoreMiniGym have a YouTube channel to support clients with extra resistance band workout ideas.

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Best Quality Exercise Resistance Bands by HardcoreMiniGym   The Ultimate at Home Fitness Equipment.