Can You Really Lose Weight In Two Weeks?

By Tom Freeman

Everyone is entirely capable of losing some weight in two weeks time. However, people who are most successful in their goals to lose weight typically commit to a specific weight loss goal in a specified period to time. They might say something like “I am going to lose ten pounds in the next two weeks.” This paints a clear picture in their head of what they want to achieve.

Lose Weight In Two Weeks- Cut Out Sugar

As with any weight loss regimen it is a good idea to check with your doctor before you start. Having said that one of the first things you will want to cut out of your diet is sugar. Sugar is something that just about all of us are “addicted” to on some level. Cutting out sugar means no more sodas, sweets, dessert etc. This is probably going to be hard at first but after a few weeks it will be much easier.

Lose Weight In Two Weeks- Drink Water

One of the best ways to get all the sugar out of your system is to drink a lot of water. Since your body is made up of a lot of water it is a good idea to replenish your body with water. Also drinking water helps fill you up some you won’t want or need to eat as much solid food.

Lose Weight In Two Weeks- Lower Your Fat Intake

Nothing keeps you from losing weight more than fat intake. So reduce or eliminate all the fat intake you can. Try to eat lean protein. If you like meats make sure they are baked and not fried. Also stick with foods cooked with non-transfat oils.

Lose Weight In Two Weeks- Exercise

Here is one of the dirty little secrets they don’t tell you when they advertise the lose weight in two weeks diet programs. Your are going to have to exercise. You can’t lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time without increasing the calories you burn. For most people that means more exercise.

Lose Weight In Two Weeks- Avoid White Foods

When you go down the bread aisle at your grocery store it is full of breads that aren’t really good for you. Start shopping for whole wheat breads. The same thing goes for foods like pasta and rice. Look for the healthy versions like whole wheat pasta and brown rice.

Lose Weight In Two Weeks-Eat Your Veggies

It turns out that green means go when it comes to eating. At least when it comes to eating healthy vegetables. Go ahead and eat all the green vegetables you want. Your veggies should proportionally be the biggest part of your meal. So you may have to adjust what you are seeing on your plate.

As always check with your doctor if you want to lose weight in two weeks. Your doctor can advise you of things to avoid and precautions to take. Losing weight like this can improve your health by lowering cholesterol, weight and blood pressure.

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Can You Really Lose Weight In Two Weeks?