Celebrities Read 5-Star Exercise Band Reviews, Part One

http://sleek-tone.com This video presents a 5-star review written by a 58 year-old man for SLEEK-TONE exercise bands and narrated by a voice familiar to almost all Americans. The reviewer, &quot;DDE&quot;, has reached the plateau of upper middle age and feels these loops bands are a way to help him stay limber as he ages. He cites as an inspiration the German tennis player Tommy Haas, who at the age of 35 continues to rank high on the pro tour, an advanced age for the extreme demands of his sport. DDE writes that Haas uses resistance bands to stay fit and to rehab the injuries that beset tennis players.<br><br>

<br><br>Exercise bands, and the niche of closed loop bands which SLEEK-TONE specializes in and sells on Amazon.com, have soared in popularity in recent years. Fans of these simple but effective devices cite their reasonable cost and clear convenience as practical reasons to own them. But as DDE's testimonial indicates, they offer very real physical benefits and should have a place in the training routines of both casual exercisers and serious athletes. Exercise bands use the resistance intrinsic to the band itself and therefore offer an alternative and a supplement to gravity-based weight work. It is possible to aim at specific muscle groups and carefully control the direction of force, which is one reason why physical therapists so often use and recommend them for rehab of injuries. <br><br>Near the end of the video, our sonorous narrator characteristically waxes philosophical about how exercise has &quot;made DDE's feathers brighter,&quot; how he is &quot;not caged, nor a couch potato&quot;, how this is what counts &quot;as the days grow shorter, and the dusk comes upon us.&quot; A happier and less weighty observation is that resistance bands can help us stay fit, toned and flexible regardless of our age.<br><br>SLEEK-TONE is dedicated to making high-quality, strong resistance loops that preserve their elasticity even through long use. Its set of bands includes a lifetime guarantee.<br><br>

Celebrities Read 5 Star Exercise Band Reviews, Part One