Choosing A Polar Heart Rate Monitor For Women

Optimal health and fitness are desired by men and women alike. However, men and women respond differently to physical exercise; ongoing research shows that a variance in fitness levels between the two sexes arises as a consequence of different ratios of hormones (testosterone vs. estrogen), different muscle mass, differing lung function, eating patterns and also energy metabolism

As a result of of these inherent biological differences, women may need to work out more and smarter in comparison to men to experience similar fitness results. An ideal fitness regime for women includes an element of interval training, as this will significantly contribute to increasing the body’s metabolism, and a range of different exercises that will also increase metabolism and train the entire body. Another way women can work smarter and attain optimal fitness levels is by making sure they are exercising at the right intensity to achieve the desired goals.

To accomplish the best results, whichever form of exercise or sport you take part in, you should aim to achieve and sustain the ideal intensity level in your workouts. When your goal is burning off that unwanted body fat and increasing your lean muscle mass, numerous studies are now in agreement on on the same magic ingredient – intensity. Yes, diet and nutrition are also significant, but intensity is the critical key to unlocking increased muscle mass and improved endurance in the long term.

Here’s the bottom line – if you’re training at less than your optimum intensity, you’ll take longer to achieve the weight loss, muscle tone and other fitness results you want. If, on the other hand, you overreach and train too hard, training above the ideal intensity, your energy reserves can decline and you’ll lose heart as you head toward burnout, possibly even giving up on your fitness endeavors altogether. There is a solution! The smart way to work out: you can take the guesswork out of your work outs and achieve your fitness success more efficiently by working out with a heart rate monitor to guide you.

Polar heart rate monitors for women are a clear and popular choice to help you succeed with your fitness goals at a steady and sustainable level.

Two great choices for women are the Polar FT40 and Polar FT60. Both models analyze your heart rate and offer smart, efficient bio feedback in order to identify suitable exercise intensity ranges/training zones and assess and better your overall level of fitness. Each woman’s personal fitness needs and capacities are particular to her and heart rate monitors such as these can give you the knowledge necessary to attune your exercise specifically to fit you.

Polar FT40

The FT40 is one of the easiest monitors to use. If you tend to prefer, more flexibility in your exercise (run one day, go to a circuit training class the next…), this could be the model for you. The FT40 gives clear, simple training guidance for you, determining the correct intensity for you each session so you can enjoy your workout, monitor your fitness level and succeed with your fitness targets.

The Energy Pointer feature provides you with clear direction on how to get into shape more rapidly. A glance at the display will show you whether you’re in the “fat burning” or “fitness improvement” zone. Whether your motivation is to work out for peak performance, or simply to lose or maintain weight, this is a very useful tool.

You can also use the FT40 to check your aerobic fitness (at rest) as you progress with the Polar Fitness Test, as well as keep track of the number of calories you’ve burned and balance your exercise and recovery periods to keep improving.

Polar FT60

The sleek Polar FT60, with optional GPS, is a very good choice for those who enjoy a more structured approach to their fitness program. Its built-in personal training program will tell you just how much and how intensively to train to reach your personal goals each week. Answer some questions relating to your fitness goals and the STAR Training Program will calculate for you how many calories to burn, your optimum workout intensity and how many days to exercise. This model also conveniently considers what you’re achieving as you exercise and reconfigures the rest of your workload for the week appropriately. For example, an intensive run one day means your intensity zone will automatically be made lighter for the rest of the week.

As well as guiding you to exercise at the correct intensity, the Polar FT60 will also show you just how your fitness is improving (Fitness Test), the amount of calories you’ve burned (Smart Calories) and help you identify your ideal balance between recovery and work.

Key factors in much training, such as running, include speed and distance, as well as heart rate. The FT60 has the option to link up with the Polar G1 GPS and S1 Footpod so you can include things like speed and distance in your analysis.

Next, simply upload your exercise data to the free online Polar Personal Training Service to review your improvement. You can also keep an eye on how your friends and family are doing when they join the community and give each other an extra little nudge to stay motivated and do even better.

Choosing A Polar Heart Rate Monitor For Women