Comfortable, Non-slip, Moisture Wicking, Ultra Soft Gym Headband – Great for Fitness Work-outs.

My hair constantly gets in my way when working out. I have tried everything to tame my locks but nothing seems to work. I sought the best sweatband that would stay put, keep my hair out of my eyes and help eliminate the sweat. And then I found it! I prefer to workout at the gym using a range of various machines, weights and also mixing it up with varying classes, so I require something that was versatile and would not slip throughout all my various activities and workouts.<br><br>The Rosella Racer was it! This exercise headband enables me to style the headband to match the varying activities I carry out at the gym. I can wear it with a variety of various widths including wide over the ear, medium under the ear plus in a slim style also just among others. This enables me to pick my own distinct style. The offered colors are terrific also fun and bright – aqua, royal and blossom. I also like that it is produced in Australia which gives self-confidence in the manufacturing environment.<br><br>Other workout headbands I have used in the past have either slipped off or given me &quot;headband headache&quot; which is never ever good when you are working out in the gym. However when I found the Rosella Racer workout headband on Amazon (like the money back warranty and of course the fast shipping) I believed I would give them a go.<br><br>There is nothing worse, when you are working out and your exercise headband begins to slip and you need to fumble to put it back in place particularly when it is very sweaty. However this sports headband doesn't do that, it sits tight the entire time and hardly feels like I am using it. I also like that it is trendy and I can wear it down to the stores if I am having a bad hair day.<br><br>I like buying on Amazon due to the fact that I can find everything in one location and the service is amazing. I also got follow up emails from Red Dust Active to validate that I had received the item and to ensure I am totally pleased with the purchase.<br><br>It might sound silly but in some cases it's the small things that make the distinction when acquiring an item and even though the gym headband were a minor purchase, the entire experience left me genuinely impressed. If you are in the market for a sports sweatband, I would motivate you to click the link listed below to buy one now. I ensure you will like them as much as I do. They also make the best gift.<br><br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>Start your workout right! Stay concentrated on the finish line and keep your eye on the prize, not your headband!<br><br>The Rosella Racer is made to be worn on the move. It is the best companion for your active lifestyle to keep the hair out of your eyes and the sweat from your brow. Whether you are going for a jog, working out down the gym, cycling, hiking, cross-fitting or just chilling out, the soft stretch material is not only comfortable but you will barely notice you are wearing it.<br><br>For a non-slip and comfortable fit, wear the headband midway down your forehead, it will hug the shape of your head and stay put throughout the most strenuous of workouts!<br><br>Need more persuading? Here are 5 Excellent Reasons Why You Must Own The Rosella Racer Headband:<br><br>* SMOOTH DESIGN<br>Created for adaptability, functionality and usefulness making sure ultimate comfort and optimum durability for your active lifestyle.<br><br>* HIGH PERFORMANCE<br>Quality product made from 50 % Polyester, 38 % Nylon, 12 % Spandex making them light-weight, breathable, moisture wicking and machine washable. Wash away the sweat and hang out to dry.<br><br>* SAVES YOU MONEY IN ITS FLEXIBILITY<br>Multi-seasonal the perfect cold, windy and warm weather companion. Keeps ears snug in the cold and helps wick sweat away in the warm.<br><br>* AUSTRALIAN MADE<br>Confidence in the quality of the headbands and the manufacturing environment.<br><br>* THOUGHTFUL PRESENT<br>A great day is when you get to be active. An excellent day is when we inspire another person to be active – the best gift to motivate your loved ones to find their active.<br><br>DISCOVER YOUR ACTIVE, Scroll up and click the yellow ADD to CART button NOW<br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Click for more about this gym headband product</a>

Comfortable, Non slip, Moisture Wicking, Ultra Soft Gym Headband   Great for Fitness Work outs.