CrossFit Jump Rope – Perfect For Boxing, MMA and CrossFit Enthusiasts

My younger sibling is going crazy about this particular High Speed Cable by ignitionfit that he {bought|purchased|got just recently. To provide you a little bit of background, my &quot;baby&quot; sibling is six foot 2 inches tall, weighs in at about 205 pounds, and is either at the gym or sparring,boxing, wrestling in the ring seven days a week. The equipment he uses must be durable and high quality, and he claims this jump rope really stands up to the job. He took it down to the gym every day for over a week and put it to the test and came back raving about it. He mentioned that he really liked the handles were light weight and fit with excellent hold, that the rope length was adjustable and the rope cord didn't kink up Outstanding product he reckons. So I thought I 'd give it a go myself!<br><br>Traditionally i've always skrimped on health and fitness equipment, knowing deep down that i'll likely lose interest quickly and there is no point in spending a significant amount of money. But guess what … following this approach has always resulted in me ended up buying cheaptat. Low-cost tat is invariably not very good quality, doesn't work very well and ultimately has meant I have given up on every fad much quicker than I perhaps should have!<br><br>This time I thought, no, I'll invest a bit more and get something that works for once. However when I discovered the rope on I was thrilled to find out that it's not pricey at all due to a launch offer of $10.99. Plus, when I found that they offer a 100 % money back warranty I thought wow, why not.<br><br>I've been using the jump rope for nearly a week now and couldn't be happier. It is soooo easy to use. I'm nearly keeping up with my baby bro and he is really really good at jumping rope.<br><br>To top that off, they also offered some incredible suggestions on how to get the most of my new jump rope (which was great, I consider myself a experienced physical fitness aficionado but even I found out a couple of new techniques) on top of that they even included an incredible drawstring bag for transporting my jump rope around and making sure I don't make a mess of my athletics bag with reams and reams of high speed rope. You really do not realise how useful it is till you use it.<br><br>Perhaps I've been cursed with bad luck on purchases in the past, but Ihave never ever been so pleased with a sub $20 purchase like this before and if you remain in the market for a brand-new high speed jump rope then I urge you to click the link below to purchase yours now and see for yourself. Ifyou choose to try them out, let me know your thoughts, I make definite you will be more then pleased!<br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>The CrossFit Jump Rope that will Ensure You Exceed Your Physical fitness Goals<br><br>And Make certain Every Training Session Matters! <br><br>- Do you find Heavy Handles mean Arms get Tired Too Quickly?<br>- Do you Lose Grip when Sweating?<br>- Are some Jump Ropes Too Slow to Improve Your Skill Level?<br><br>If so, We Would wish to introduce you too ignitionfit's Specifically Created CrossFit 'Jump Rope' <br><br>- Developed to Make the most of every Training Session<br>- Tangle Free Technology Makes sure Consistent and Fluent Rope Movement<br>- Lightweight Handlesguarantee Less Arm Fatigue<br>- Special Long Handle Design lead to Better Grip throughout Exercise<br>- Adjustable Length Jump Rope Cable is Ideal for Individuals of Any Height<br>- Constructed to Be Long lasting Enough To Handle Any WOD Demands<br>- Double-Unders and Even Triple-Unders Are Achievable For CrossFit Enthusiasts Of All Levels<br>- HIIT Delivered With Maximum Result<br><br>Amazon Buyers Trust the ignitionfit Brand to provide Quality Premium Physical fitness Products <br><br>- You are Backed by Our Lifetime Warranty too!<br><br>We Can Only Deliver On This Special Pricing While Existing Stocks Last, So Make certain to Click Buy Now!<br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>More about this Adjustable Jump Rope product</a>

CrossFit Jump Rope   Perfect For Boxing, MMA and CrossFit Enthusiasts