Deep Tissue Soothing EVA Foam Body Tool Relieves Trigger Points and Restores Your Muscles!

I had my first massage a couple of years ago when a friend who was in massage therapy school offered me a totally free session to assist him in meeting a requirement for his credits. My back was so knotted up from high stress workouts (kettlebells, running) and leaning over a computer all day at work that it took my pal two hours to relieve all the knots, kinks, and lactic acid build up that I had experienced throughout the years. My wife tells me I was still drooling when I arrived home. I was hooked!

Trouble was, I didn't have the cash to continue massage therapy sessions. Instead, I spent the next couple of years dreaming about another rejuvenating massage. Finding the Muscle Mower was a game changer!

I still remember the first time I tried my Muscle Mower. Feeling the pads work into the muscles between my stressed shoulder blades was an instantaneous relief! Moving down to the muscles surrounding my rib cage, including my lats, and after that my lumbar area, was even better. It hurt so good — breathing gradually as the roller literally mowed right into my muscles, getting rid of the accumulated contaminants and releasing my muscles to a more loose, nearly hypnotic state. My better half accused me of drooling again.

Once again, I am hooked! – however the best part about my Muscle Mower is that I can utilize it anytime I want. Its durable construction practically guarantees that it will hold its shape and revitalize my muscles for a long period of time. I utilize it to loosen my muscles before workout, to speed recovery after intense workouts and tough pick-up games, or whenever I want a great massage. Not only has my Muscle Mower been great for my back and lats, but it has also worked marvelously on my IT Band. I even utilize it for my glutes, quads, hamstrings, abductors, calves, even my whole front– it really is a full body device!

I like that this is offered from Amazon. I have always enjoyed Amazon's fast, reliable (and often free) shipping and although I have never ever utilized it, I am more comfortable buying with their money-back promise. If you are like me, and want to be able to treat your muscles and revitalize them whenever you want, I encourage you to click the link below to purchase yours now and see for yourself. If you choose to try it, let me know how it works for you. I am sure you are going to like it!

Deep Tissue Soothing EVA Foam Body Tool Relieves Trigger Points and Restores Your Muscles!

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The Muscle Mower is a SELF-GUIDED PREMIUM MUSCLE ROLLER that attacks muscular stress at the release point and increases healing blood flow for instant rejuvenation, increased mobility, and sustained healing.

Order The Muscle Mower Today to Enjoy:

– Deep Tissue Stimulation that Triggers Muscular Relief From Knots, Kinks and Lactic Acid On Point to Relieve Soreness and Increase Mobility.

– Restorative Increased Blood Flow that Enhances Recovery for Athletes, Runners, Fitness Buffs, Exercise Gym Rats, and Tired Office Workers!

– Professional Grade Constructed Dense Hollow Core EVA Foam Roller With Impressive Durability.

– Compact, Light Design (13" x 5.5", 1.8 Lbs/ 33cm x 14cm, .816kg.) for Easy Travel, Storage, and Use.

– Dual Textured Surface that Gives You Precise Control
– A series of small knobs work like the experienced fingertips of a well-trained masseuse.
– A row of blocks works like the deep, penetrating pressure of a well-placed palm.

– A Stunning Style that Looks as Great as it Works. This thing POPS!

Deep Tissue Soothing EVA Foam Body Tool Relieves Trigger Points and Restores Your Muscles!