Diabetes Type 2 – Early to Mid-Stage Symptoms

By Sam Sterling

Diabetes type 2 patients tend to have only a strong thirst and frequent urination as symptoms that something is not quite right whereas diabetes patients have internal organ, nervous system and eye problems. This tells the body to start sending blood sugars through the kidneys and this can lead to serious kidney problems.

Frequently diabetes type 2 symptoms relate to neuropathy, which causes nerve damage to the extemities.

The nerve damage being caused by neuropathy is often a numbness in the feet and hands or sharp pains that can be found throughout the body. One uncommon but significant diabetes type 2 symptom is erectile dysfunction, which can be the only symptom manifested. It is important in the case of erectile dysfunction for patients to be screened for diabetes type 2 before any medication is prescribed.

How Diabetes Type 2 affects Vision and Healing

Diabetes type 2 symptoms include a loss of vision which is caused by dilation of the blood vessels around the retina and also muscle damage to the retina. Diabetes type 2 is the leading cause of blindness in adults in the United States and both of the symptoms described can be greatly reduced with early diagnosis and treatment of this disease. When diabetes type 2 is present then the immune system becomes compromised and wounds tend to heal more slowly, and as a result this can lead to other problems within the immune system.

What to do if you suspect Diabetes Type 2

The diagnosis of diabetes type 2 is a simple test and should be scheduled with your doctor if you notice that there is one or more symptoms present. This will determine if in fact that diabetes type 2 is present in your system.

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Diabetes Type 2   Early to Mid Stage Symptoms