Discover The Best Private Personal Training To Tone The Abs

The abs are not easy to get in shape

Passe Abs

Passe abs strengthens the muscle while developing stability in the pelvic region. Rest your weight on your forearms and lean back. Extend both legs straight and bend the knees into a ‘passé’ position which is by pointing the right foot and pressing the inside edge of the right foot into the inside of the left knee. Draw the abs tight and lift the legs off the mat while in a passe position.

Barbell squat

Stand with the feet apart and with the barbell on the back of the shoulders. Lower the body to the floor while bending the knees. To get back into starting position, use the heels to push back. Keep the back straight and the head up throughout the movement.

The teaser

Lie on the floor with arms extended above the head. Lift both legs in a 45 degree angle. Make sure the legs are parallel to one another then roll the head and shoulders off of the mat. Breathe naturally while holding the position and return to the mat.

Towel plank and knee in

Start in a plank position with towels placed under each foot. Bring the left knee towards the right side of the chest, squeezing the abs in. Straighten the right leg back to a full plank position and bring the right knee towards the left side. Next, draw both knees towards the chest at the same time then get back to a full plank.

Standing lift

Standing lift is a good exercise that links the legs, hips, shoulders and back. Stand with feet wide apart. Brace the abs tight while holding a medicine ball. Start the movement by bending the knees. Swing the arms across the body up to the right while pressing the hips forward.

Side to side crunch and weave

Kickboxing moves targets the muscles along the waistline. This private personal training also keeps the body moving which helps in burning calories. Start with feet apart, knees bend and arms up on guard. While keeping the upper body still, lean the upper body to the right quickly. Come back to the center and lean to the left. Lower the upper body to make half circles with the torso. Return to the starting position then repeat.

Reverse press up

The reverse press up targets the lower part of the abs that is commonly difficult to work out. Put both hands on the side and lie flat on your back. Slightly keeping it bent, lift the legs to the knees. Push both feet upward at the same time. Press the feet towards the ceiling, lifting the hips off the floor.

Going through private personal training to tone the abs is not as difficult as it seems, it just needs dedication and the right amount of information.

Discover The Best Private Personal Training To Tone The Abs