Does the Shake Weight Dumbbell Build Muscle Definition?

I’m sure you have seen the shake weight dummbell commercials. They are kind of hard to avoid. Honestly, I am not sure how this passed by focus groups, because the motion looks kind of obscene. I’m not sure if the commercials featuring guys are worse or the one with women. Anyway, I am more than skeptical about this piece of equipment. It can make a slight difference just by the mere fact that you clench up your body, but the effect is MUCH less than if you worked the larger muscles in the body. I normally like to keep an open mind, but in my opinion the shake weight dumbbell is a waste of money.

shake weight dumbbells

You Will Get Better Results With Traditional Resistance Exercise and Cardio

Do yourself a favor and simply gain strength with more traditional resistance exercise. You don’t necessarily have to belong to a gym either. Google the term “body weight circuit” or look up this same term on Youtube, you will get in shape much quicker than using the shake weight dumbbell. In fact, the difference will be night and day. So those are my opinions.

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How about some videos from Youtube about the shake weight dumbbell?

Shake Weight For Women Commercial

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Shake Weight For Men™ – OFFICIAL VIDEO AD (3 MIN VERSION) Shake Weight for Men is the exercise that harnesses the power of Dynamic Inertia to totally redefine strength training. Build definition, size and strength in just 6 minutes a day, guaranteed. 100% no questions asked Money Back Guarant…

shake weight

this is us in detroit trying out the shake weight .. we didn’t think it woked

Holly Willoughby Shake Weight

Holly Willoughby demonstrating a shake weight on “This Morning” :D.

Yeah…this is one of the goofier fitness devices ever created. I rarely slam companies, but this is one of the more misleading products ever created in my opinion.

shake weight dumbbell