Don't Worry About Weight – Simply Lift It Using Our Weight Training Straps

Do you struggle with working with heavy weights?<br><br>Are your forearms holding back your progress?<br><br>Do your lower arms fill up so much so that it's difficult to hold anything at all?<br><br>Do you focus more on keeping hold of the weights as opposed to the muscles you should be hitting?<br><br>Then you should try our NEW selection of WEIGHT LIFTING STRAPS<br><br>We planned to add to our range of products and we understood that our clients needed a different option to the old design of cotton weight lifting straps which were too compact and made of a thinner material which through our studies and trials were found to cause more discomfort than merely using any at all. Another huge issue that we found was when lifting heavy weights how the straps tended to dig in to the skin deeply on the back of the hands which once again triggered more discomfort and soreness to the lifter.<br><br>With our weight lifting straps you are in safe hands, you can rely on the very best quality.<br><br>We chose to make a brief fun video to describe all of these benefits.<br><br>

<br><br>We have made them in a thicker cotton weight for added strength and sturdiness and to guarantee they do not bunch up in your grip when in use so you don't need to suffer the discomfort in your palms when lifting.<br><br>We made them longer so you can thread them around hand grips and bars many times instead of just once or twice which is exactly what most other companies do to conserve money.<br><br>If there is ever any issues we always offer our unrivaled 100% satisfaction guarantee<br><br>These lifting straps are now offered on Amazon in the UK so go there now to get yourself a pair.<br><br>Just search for 'Elite Body Squad' and see our complete range of gym accessories to discover more.

Don't Worry About Weight   Simply Lift It Using Our Weight Training Straps