Step 2: Eating for a Low Body Fat Percentage

Eat 6 Meals Per Day to Stay Lean?

Heck NO!

Step 2: Eating for a Low Body Fat Percentage Like U2, eating 6 meals per day…became popular in the 80’s.

It is extremely hard to stay lean when you eat every few hours!

…all of those little meals quickly add up to 2,000-3,000+ calories.

Creating a Calorie Deficit is the #1 Goal in Fat Loss.

Ways to create a calorie deficit:

  • Eating less calories than you burn
  • Burning more calories than you eat

Obviously I’m 1/2 kidding here. Those two points mean the same thing.

(you could actually get away with eating 1-2 times per day and lose body fat).

The point is, that it doesn’t matter how many meals you eat, you need to focus on how many calories you take in.

Another argument against eating every few hours?

There’s a HUGE fat loss benefit to fasting from time to time.

[Brad Pilon is on the cutting edge of fat loss nutrition. His approach to Intermittent Fasting is a huge reason I find it easy to stay lean year-round.]

What Fasting and Exercise Have In Common:

  • Insulin levels drop (a good thing for fat loss)
  • HGH levels go up (your natural fat loss hormone)
  • Free fatty acids are released from fat cells (used as fuel)
  • Amino acids get shuttled into muscle cells

Tip: For the most potent effect, go into a workout in a fasted state!

…but obviously can’t fast all of the time, otherwise you would wither away to nothing.

This is where Intermittent Fasting comes in:

  1. Eat a normal amount of calories and meals 5 times per week.
  2. Fast until dinner 2 times per week.
  3. Eat a normal sized dinner on your fasting days (not a big dinner).
  4. If possible, workout right before dinner on your 2 fasting days.

The other problem with eating several meals per day?

You constantly have food energy in your system.

You never give your body a chance to burn fat for energy, if you always have food energy in your system.

The Bottom Line: The 6-meal-per day approach is flawed and out-dated!

If you want to lose body fat…

eat in a way that allows your body to use fat for fuel from time to time, as well as keeping in a calorie deficit

The next step explains why most people in the gym are “slightly chubby” despite doing cardio.

They do cardio wrong!

*Up Next: A cardio plan which forces your body to burn fat…


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