Fat Loss Supplements That Work Well

In this article I want to nominate the 5 supplements that I think have the greatest impact on body fat loss. I typically suggest these supplements to my clientele who are generally wanting body fat loss as part of their total health programme. While many erroneous claims are made by some firms about the application of their own fat loss merchandise the ones I’m going to suggest in this article are wellness supplements primarily but also improve body fat reduction as a by product. Let’s start:

Fish Oil

Virtually everybody on the planet, including individuals who have no need to shed body fat, can benefit in some way from taking fish oil. It’s numerous advantages consist of elevated cognitive function, smoother skin and increased body fat metabolism. But the principal reason it can help to decrease body body fat is due to it’s capability to increase insulin sensitivity. Many scientific studies have constantly shown that Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are located in fish oil boost the membrane of muscle cells and the insulin receptors within them. The improvement in these receptors indicates that insulin can pack far more glucose in the muscle cells to be burnt as fuel rather than have to send it to the fat cells to be stored.


Magnesium is prevalent in most enzymatic reactions in the human body such as energy metabolism but, once again, the reason it is on this list is due to it’s beneficial impact on insulin metabolism which makes it a fantastic body fat fighter. Magnesium has been shown to increase the number and sensitivity of insulin receptors so for optimum functionality of these receptors then serum magnesium levels need to be at optimum levels.


Most men and women really don’t get anywhere close to adequate fibre in their diet program. Some estimates say that people require up to 30 grams per day whilst the average individual gets much less than 10 grams per day. This isn’t going to be solved by consuming much more Weetabix and having granary style bread for your sandwiches.

Even though trying to get far more fibre from meals such as cruciferous vegetables, nuts and seeds would be highly advised it would nonetheless be tough to get 30 grams per day with a normal diet program. I would recommend taking an apple pectin based fibre supplement which can help slow down the absorption of food in the gut consequently reducing the blood sugar rise and subsequent insulin production. This is the mechanism through which fibre can enhance body fat loss.


This compound which is the active form of Indole -3-carbinol is located in cruciferous vegetables and can help maintain natural oestrogens in balance. Oestrogen imbalance can lead to a range of cancers but it can also lead to obesity due to it’s interaction with insulin. DIM mainly works by stopping the aromatization of testosterone to oestrogen, one of the main factors why men gain “man boobs”.


Carnitine is a very efficient body fat burner because it is responsible for taking fat into the cells to be utilised for energy in the body. It functions in conjunction with Omega 3 Fatty Acids to switch on the receptors of the cells to let glucose and fatty acids to be burnt more successfully in the cells. Along with doing this it also raises energy levels and causes a step up in functionality.

There you have it. My best 5 supplement ideas and why to use them to drop body fat and bring about body composition changes. I’ve employed these supplements with a lot of my clientele over the years and along with a high quality exercise programme they offer tremendous benefits.

Fat Loss Supplements That Work Well