Fitness Equipment Summary: Beny V-Fit MET5-P Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers are really common pieces of fitness equipment. They offer a nice, solid exercise session similar to jogging with no need of the jarring result that can result in injuries to feet and knees. When you make use of the arm levers, it is conceivable to obtain a solid total-body workout in a comparatively quick session. If you might be considering getting an elliptical trainer, read more to find out about the Beny V-Fit MET5-P programmable magnetic elliptical.

Fitness Equipment – Concerning the Beny V-Fit MET5-P

The Beny V-Fit is really a dual action elliptical trainer that enables both forwards and backwards motion, which means a lot more muscle groups are extensively worked. The stepless resistance system is handled from the on-board computer’s display screen. The resistance system also is friction free. The console features 7 functions and 12 pre-programmed workout routines. The liquid crystal display is large, simple to read and program, and displays age, calories shed, distance in miles or kilometres, speed in MPH or Kmh, time in minutes and seconds, hand grip heart rate in beats per minute and pre-programmed target heart rate.

Fitness Equipment – Features of the Beny V-Fit MET5-P

This elliptical possesses extra-large foot plates for comfort and stability. The grips are clean and padded. The fixed safety handlebars come with pulse sensors. The stable, durable frame is manufactured from an ideal combination of oblong and spherical tubular steel, which includes the handlebars and handlebar uprights. An additional frame support gives stability for even the most energetic exercise routine. The frame is designed with black coloured front frame end caps plus extra-large rear frame end caps giving a matched look. The finish of the frame is a particularly composed chip-resistant aluminium-coloured powder coat epoxy paint that can give years of service under the harshest use situations. The linked handlebars are absolutely synchronised. The Beny V-Fit MET5-P is equipped with a powerful, long-wearing polypropylene drive belt with a fixed wheel drive and also a concealed crank system.

Fitness Equipment – Other Qualities of the Beny V-Fit MET5-P

This elliptical trainer has a magnetic resistance that is equipped with a friction free cast iron flywheel with a weight of 8kg. Multi-plate solid state magnets assure smooth performing. The resistance modifies easily from the console by means of a small servo motor. There’s furthermore a stepless tension regulator. The movable handlebars are black in colour and extend contoured dual action. The fixed safety handles are wrapped with sleek high density foam for a safe and comfy grip. The foot plates also are black and supply a non-slip surface for sure footing. The workout monitor console is aluminium coloured plus, Aside from the 12 pre-programmed exercise regimes, supplies 2 additional exercise programs which are controlled depending on heart rate to maximise cardiovascular rewards during your work out. The trainer connects without difficulty to mains power and comes with a water bottle opportunely connected to the front upright.


This Beny V-Fit model is 160 cm long x 64cm broad by 176cm high. It has a weight of 45kg and carries a maximum user weight of 253lbs (18.1st) Assume you will pay about £300 – £400 for this fitness machine.

For the top operation from your Beny V-Fit MET5-P, consider engaging a fitness equipment servicing provider to keep it operating perfectly. For additional information, visit or phone 0845 6410753.

 Fitness Equipment Summary: Beny V Fit MET5 P Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Trainer