Fitness Equipment: The Reebok I-Run Treadmill Evaluation

It is a noted actuality that treadmills are the most famous kinds of fitness equipment. Exercise routines on a treadmill can be extremely helpful, despite your fitness level. Beginners, above all, are glad that they can commence their fitness program on a treadmill walking at a standard rate. All through time stamina and power will boost, till it’s achievable to run or jog at a higher rate. The cardiovascular benefits of exercising on a treadmill can be significant also. Following is some material on reasonably priced treadmill we think is grand, the Reebok I-Run.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Key Features:

Checks and evaluations on time, distance and calories burned through an exercise session
Integral pulse sensors monitor and measure heart rate to assure the efficiency of your exercise
Contains 6 fixed programmes for an assortment of sessions and fitness capabilities
Has a single, huge, backlit LCD screen which is easy to read
Folds simply and has a one-button release from the folded up position for trouble-free operation
Offered in 5 colours to match any furnishings
Selling price: Around £300.00 to £400.00

Product Description:

We think the Reebok I-Run treadmill is among the greatest values around in a folding treadmill with lots of extras. It is available in 5 stylish colours: black, orange, pink, blue and white. This is a good machine for beginners and intermediates, offering a highest pace of 14km/h (8.7mph)! The I-Run offers 2 incline ranges and an integrated computer/monitor that measures time, distance, and calories spent. The treadmill has 6 fixed programmes: manual, distance, time, calories, 15 minute regular and 30 minute cardiovascular. For much more on the programmes, look below The I-Run also measures and checks heart rate.

Fitness Equipment – Product Plans:

Rate range: 0.8 to 14kmh (0.5 to 8.7mph)
Angle levels: 2
Compacted dimensions: 47 x 80 x 159cm
Assembled dimensions: 161 x 80 x 131cm
Weight: 60kg (132lb)
User weight capacity: 100kg (15st, 220lb)

Fitness Equipment – Product Features:

The Reebok I-Run has an exclusive layout that helps it to fold down to a little under 50cm in depth. Which Means you easily can stow it almost anyplace, as well as beneath the bed, when not being utilised. The treadmill also comes with wheels that aid with transferring. The I-Run comes “built in the box,” implicating that there’s no fixing needed, therefore you will be ready to apply it within minutes of unpackaging it. The running deck is durable and easy to utilise and the 1.75 HP motor is powerful, reasonably quiet and more than sufficient for the task.

Fitness Equipment – Concerning the Inbuilt Programmes:

Programme 1 permits manual admission of parameters like time, distance, pace and calories for a completely customised exercise.
Programme 2 permits manual admission of the wanted distance and contains an integrated cool-down time period after the distance is attained.
Programme 3 is footed on the wanted time period of the workout and offers an integrated cool-down time period when the time duration is arrived at.
Programme 4 is footed on the number of calories you expect to burn throughout your workout and contains an integrated cool-down time period when the number of calories used is attained.
Programme 5 is a 15 minute basic training workout footed on one of 5 distinct pace ranges and contains an inbuilt cool-down time period when 15 minutes have passed.
Programme 6 is a 30 minute cardiovascular training workout based on one of 5 distinct pace ranges and contains an integrated cool-down time period when 30 minutes have passed.

Guarantee Facts: 2 years parts and labour


We feel the Reebok I-Run is a perfect treadmill for newcomers and midpoint degree people. It has trendy good looks in addition. Scores of people who employ a treadmill start off by basically walking. In time, when their power and stamina increases, they walk much more fast and finally “graduate” to running. You might encounter some wobbling on the I-Run when running energetically because it is a compact, lightweight machine. Some people also have acknowledged that the running deck is somewhat little.

In addition to power and stamina benefits, working out on fitness equipment like a treadmill uses calories, helps to tone the lower body and includes important optimistic cardiovascular end results also. The inexpensive Reebok I-Run is a great place to start off.

 Fitness Equipment: The Reebok I Run Treadmill Evaluation