Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel – Outstanding Sports Towel to Help You Conquer the Heat

If you are anything like me, then you most likely can't stand sticky and hot conditions. I have actually been an athlete since I was 7 years old, playing sports that differ from basketball to tennis. Absolutely nothing slows you down more than an overheated and sweaty body. Typically, on each time out throughout an intense game I would run my way over to the bench, grab my water bottle and hose my head down. I discovered a brief minute of relief but it would leave my uniform sopping wet.<br><br>One day, my pal from my baseball team and I were chatting as we both were sitting the bench in the blazing sun. He reached into his gym bag and grabbed exactly what I thought to be simply a regular towel. I saw him pour some water from his bottle onto it and position it over his face. Still not knowing exactly what this gizmo was, he lead over to me and told me, &quot;dude you got to feel this out&quot;. I was puzzled since the minute I grabbed it, it felt as though he dipped it into an ice container. I leaned my head back and covered it with this newfound towel.<br><br>After that competition I quickly went onto Amazon where I discovered a remarkable quality towel for such a low price! Amazon swiftly shipped my product to me and I could not wait to open it!<br><br>Every since that baseball competition, I have always brought a cooling towel in my gym bag. I was so impressed that the coolness lasted the period of the competition and longer. Often I even have one on me when I am not playing sports but it's simply a hot day. If there is one thing that is for sure, I can not stand the unpleasant feeling of the sun blistering on my face, and the shame of sweat leaking off my chin simply on a casual walk. This cooling towel absorbs my sweat swiftly and cools it down to a great, comfy temperature level.<br><br>I have actually bought a towel now for my mother who is continuously gardening and for my closest teammates. It has been a discovery that I didn't even realize I needed but now can't live without!<br><br>I will always go back to Amazon where I purchased my first towel and give them away as presents when needed. <br><br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br><a href=”″ target=’_blank’>Click to keep reading about this Cooling Towel product</a><br><br>FINALLY! A Convenient and Reputable Method to Beat the Heat and Stay Cool!<br><br>Hot and Sticky conditions can be Uneasy and Decrease Energy Levels Whether at Work, Rest or Play<br><br><br>No Need to Stay Miserable! Now you can quickly DECREASE body temperature level with the Forever Cool Sports Towel<br><br><br>- Fitness Towel Instantly lowers the temperature level of your skin. Swiftly feel the DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE as it cools you off. Envision<br>going out for a work on a hot summer day, or out on the golf links under the scorching sun, but you have actually DISCOVERED THE ANSWER to ease the<br>heat and go the additional mile or hour.<br><br>- When Wet the Sports Towel's Advanced Cooling Material Triggers and Cools to around 30 &deg; below average body temperature level and remains that method for approximately 4 HOURS!<br><br>- Easily Carry or Shop Cooling Towel in it's own Unique, Practical and Hygienic Plastic Container<br><br>- Anti-bacterial treatment to ease odors/prevent molding-environmental-friendly PVA material and 100 % non-toxic!<br><br>- Extremely absorbent fabric takes in water and wicks away sweat leaving you a refreshing and cooling feeling. Perfect for swimmers and scuba divers!<br><br><br>The Forever Cool cooling towel is built to cool your body throughout extensive sporting activities, in times of intense heat or for merely chilling out. INCREASE<br>YOUR PERFORMANCE and last longer with this flexible and DURABLE TOWEL. Perfect use as a Golf Towel, Yoga Towel, Workout Towel, Fitness Towel, or Everyday Towel.<br><br><br>Cool Down Risk Free! We are so sure you'll love the cooling difference you will certainly experience or 100 % REFUND WARRANTY<br><br>Alleviate Yourself From the Heat! Simply CLICK the &quot;Contribute to Cart&quot; Button at the Top of the Page NOW<br><br>

Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel   Outstanding Sports Towel to Help You Conquer the Heat