HCG Diet Program to Torch Those Unwanted Pounds Finally and Forever

Everyone’s talking about it – the latest HCG Diet Program that is stretching across the world as fast as you are able to say “weight loss.” There is no secret that looking wonderful increases your confidence level. With The HCG Diet Program, it is possible to build up your confidence drastically and alter your way of life and how you look at living healthful forever. Just like everything really worth accomplishing, the HCG Diet Program is about hard work as well as perseverance.

HCG Diet Program Help

The HCG Diet Program has transformed thousands of day-to-day lives with a few easy steps. For the first two days, you’re allowed to enjoy what ever you desire. You are encouraged to eat foods that contain a substantial fat content for instance: breads, noodles, fried foods, pastries, chocolate, and dessert at any time you want. The theory is to get all of those cravings out of your system and in essence ready your body to be able to have a lot of accessible unwanted fat for the body to burn once you begin taking the HCG Ultra Drops. Though it might appear to be you are doing more harm by eating all of the foods which are not a good idea, but you are getting the body ready to torch serious excess fat cells after you enter into phase two of the HCG Diet Program: the reduced caloric diet.

Phase two of the HCG Diet Program is the initial step into your new physique, and the key to success. It’s very important that during this phase, you retain your primary goal in view and stick to the HCG protocol without deviation. Deviating from the HCG Diet Program will undoubtedly result in instantaneous weight gain, so it’s vital that you keep to the steps so that you can make the most from your HCG Ultra Diet Drops! Throughout this step, you must drink about 10- 12 glasses of drinking water each day. This really is important because it will keep your system replenished with water and definately will help with achieving your weight loss goals. You could drink 3 diet soft drinks, but this is not going to count towards your water intake. Caffeine containing drinks including tea and coffee shouldn’t be consumed, however, if you do decide to consume them, just be aware that caffeine and sugar will promote craving for food.

As for your day-to-day meals, you will be consuming 3 daily meals and roughly 1,000 calories.

HCG Diet Program Meal Plans

For breakfast, once you take your ¾ dropper full of HCG drops, shoot for up to 200 calories. Good alternatives are a ½ of fiber-filled cereal with ½ a mug of skim milk, egg whites with a piece of whole-wheat toast, or a ½ mug of oats with three tbsp. of almond milk or skim milk.

For lunch, right after your ¾ dropper full of HCG drops, 5-oz of protein from your permitted food list, or 1-cup of nonfat cottage cheese can be consumed together with 1- cup of vegetables prepared in any manner you would like, and one cup of fresh fruit.

Your mid-day snack can consist of either sugar-free sweet pickles and white turkey breast, one half of a low carb protein bar, or perhaps apple with ½ cup of some kinds of cheese. For dinner, after your ¾ dropper full of HCG drops, you can follow the same regimen that you follow for lunch, except with no fruit.

Now that the second step is over, you are now entering the long-term phase of the HCG Diet Program: the maintenance phase. During this phase, you will slowly integrate more calories in your diet. First of all, you must realise the importance of eating healthy carbohydrates, such as fibrous whole grain bread and pasta. These are carbs that will fill you up for a long time. An excellent rule of thumb is to avoid any refined food and “empty calories.” This is an excellent time to educate your self about healthy ways to keep yourself full and your calorie count low. A great app to down load on your electronic devices is “MyFitness Pal.” This is an iphone app that will help you track your calories and moderate what you’re consuming by being conscious of precisely what you’re consuming. The HCG Diet Program is one that requires a powerful mind and will, and we believe you are to take on the HCG Ultra Diet Drops challenge. Good luck on your endeavor to weight-loss and well-being!

HCG Diet Program to Torch Those Unwanted Pounds Finally and Forever