Help With Cellulite – The Things You Need To Know

By Maria Bennett

Cellulite is a skin condition that causes troubles to many people, especially women that would like to look attractive. A lot of researches are done to reveal the actual reasons that trigger accumulation of fat deposits under the skin that cause this lumpy, dimpled and unattractive appearance. This information will help us learn more about the main reasons for cellulite appearance, as well as how to get rid of already formed one.

Cellulite is a condition that usually appears after the period of puberty on the buttocks and the thighs and is referred in the medicine as Adiposis Edematosa. Men and women alike can get it, but usually it is known as a women’s problem.

Factors That Cause Cellulite

Some hormones like noradrenalin, estrogen, insulin, prolactin and others play a big role in cellulite development, so hormonal factor is considered among the main causes for this condition.

Genetics and genes are believed to also predispose person to cellulite formation. For example, characteristics like race and gender, slow metabolism, circulatory insufficiency and fat distribution are considered to be related to cellulite condition.

Diet is also known cause of cellulite. Individuals who eat much fat, salt or carbohydrates, and little fiber tend to have larger amounts of cellulite and need help with cellulite.

Lifestyle is also another cellulite cause. People who need help with cellulite amay be smokers, or people who don’t exercise. This kinds of lifestyle promotes cellulite development.

Also clothing type like tight underwear, may contribute to cellulite formation. This is because it limits blood circulation to the buttocks and can lead to rise in the number of people who need help with cellulite.

How to remove cellulite

Many people use some of these effective physical therapeutic methods to get positive results in cellulite removing. The most popular techniques are:

• Massages that promote lymphatic flow, • Pneumatic massages, • Radio frequency therapy, • Ultrasound, • Magnetic therapy, • Heat therapy, • Endermologie, • Radial waves therapy, • Electrical stimulation, • Endermologie

However, the experts still not officially proved the above methods.

Among others, there are some pharmaceutical ways to remove cellulite, such as:

• Amino acids • Indian chestnut • Ginkgo biloba • Alpha antagonists • Pentoxifylline • Beta agonists • Caffeine and theobromine

Expensive surgery or creams are not necessarily required, if people who need help with cellulite turn to the following methods:

Espresso granules that are applied on the place with cellulite and reduce it.

Changing in food and lifestyle is also very important. Reduce fat consumption to minimum, or replace it with healthy fats only.

Such healthy foods as broccoli, kale, grapes and cherries should be consumed daily, due to the healthy nutritious elements they contain.

Some more beneficial foods are tuna, herring and salmon, as well as fiber foods, as they improve blood circulation and overall health of the body.

If you really want to get rid of cellulite completely, you should change your unhealthy habits permanently and to follow healthy diet combined with a lot of exercises. Remember that there is no magic product that can guarantee long-term effects. Even the surgery cannot do that. What you really need is to live healthy in order to find help with cellulite.

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Help With Cellulite   The Things You Need To Know