Here’s Why Our Bodybuilding Straps Are The Best In Town

Weight lifting straps are a tool that many of us will make use of eventually to help us progress further than we would otherwise have actually got by not using them. This is a brief video by Elite Body Squad to announce the recent launch of our new gym lifting straps. After many months in the pipeline, we’ve finally released this most recent training accessory and we’re really happy with the results.<br><br>Why are our cotton weight lifting straps far superior than everyone else’s? Here’s the reason why…<br><br>We made them in a thicker cotton fabric for added strength and sturdiness and to ensure they don’t bunch up in your palms when in use so you do not have to suffer the discomfort in your palms when lifting.<br><br>We made them longer so you can thread them around handles and bars a few times instead of simply once or twice which is what many other businesses do to conserve cash.<br><br>We’ve double stitched them so you can be guaranteed of their ongoing strength, they won’t rip or break at bothersome times.<br><br>We developed distinct and practical packaging meaning you can save them in a clean dry place each time they’ve been used instead of leaving in a moist health club bag with sweaty t shirts and soggy towels.<br><br>These are only some of the reasons why we feel that our weight lifting straps are the very best worldwide. We decided to make a brief enjoyable video to describe all these advantages. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to view the full video, below is a transcript of the content in it.<br><br>We use only the best materials so you can believe in our quality.<br><br>Take a quick look at this short video to discover more…<br><br>

<br><br>These lifting straps are now offered on Amazon in the UK.<br><br>Simply look for ‘Elite Body Squad’ and see our full range of fitness products to learn more.<br>Elite Body Squad – Unbeatable By Design

Heres Why Our Bodybuilding Straps Are The Best In Town