How Do Carbohydrates Effect Weight Loss?

By Jon Allo

Choosing the right foods for weight loss and health can be confusing. If you are up to speed on the latest diet plans you have probably heard all about carbohydrates. One minute we should be avoiding them and then the next minute we should be eating more of them. Let’s look at how carbohydrates effect your weight loss and health.

The Food Pyramid For Weight Loss And Health.

A food pyramid or diet pyramid is a pyramid-shaped diagram which shows the ideal number of servings to be eaten everyday from each of the primary food groups. The first food pyramid was designed back in the 1940’s and had the largest amount of consumption coming from carbohydrates like breads, cereals and potatoes. But are these carbohydrates making us fat?

Understanding Carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are released into our blood stream as sugars when we eat them. This creates insulin that delivers this blood sugar to our muscles and our liver tissue to be stored for when we need energy to move, exercise and even stay conscious.

The problems develop when we eat too many carbohydrates which are then stored as fat. Breads, cereals and pastas all digest very quickly and cause an insulin spike. This leads to fat storage and can leave you feeling hungry again within a short space of time.

Creating A Balanced Diet.

If you were to substitute those quick digesting carbohydrates with slower digesting ones, like you find in beans, legumes and many vegetables you would have a more balanced diet, especaily when combined with protein and healthy fats.

However, there isn’t an all-encompassing answer that accommodates everybody when it comes to weight loss and health. Many people do well on lower carbohydrate diets while other people do well just reducing the amount of quick digesting carbohydrates that they consume.

A Simple Approach.

A simple approach to help your weight loss and health would be to eat small servings of breads, cereals, pasta and other carbohydrates. Then make sure you have some lean protein source with each meal, and consume healthy fats that you find in fish, eggs, olive oil and nuts. Don’t forget that fresh fruit and vegetables make for great snacks if you feel hungry between meals.

There are diets that require low carbs, others that cut out carbs altogether, some that say you should go low fat, and others declare that a vegetarian is best. The reality is that there are overweight and thin people in all of those groups. But by following the advice above, it will help you with your weight loss goals.

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How Do Carbohydrates Effect Weight Loss?