How Hypothyroidism Is Connected To High Cholesterol

By Tom Freeman

All the evidence indicates that cholesterol and stress are related. You never hear about young people dealing with cholesterol. No it seems to happen after we’ve put on a few years and taken on a few responsibilities. Have you ever noticed how the people with mortgage payments, bills and kids in school seem to have cholesterol problems. They are also under a lot of stress.

It is always important to keep things in context. This is particularly true with medical conditions and treatments. We have been “trained” to think that one of our goals is to greatly reduce or maybe even eliminate cholesterol. However, the elimination of cholesterol from our bodies would actually be suicidal. We need cholesterol to produce the protective hormones that guard our body from infection and disease.

You might think that the link between your thyroid and high cholesterol is very convoluted or round about but in fact there is a very straight line relationship between the two. It starts with something called T3 hormone that your thyroid produces and cholesterol uses. T3 is the connection. When you have thyroid problems T3 production is cut or limited. Cholesterol is not given what it needs to make good, protective hormones so it stays in your system as cholesterol. Over time it builds up and you are diagnosed with high cholesterol You don’t really have a cholesterol problem, you have a thyroid problem.

Hypothyroidism is often not diagnosed properly because high cholesterol is related to heart disease. But high cholesterol is just something that shows up when you have heart disease, it is not the reason. The reason for the heart disease is hypothyroidism. This is where the medical community has to start doing a better job of making the right association with our medical problems. To often they are treating symptoms rather than causes. In this case cholesterol lowering drugs can actually do more harm than good.

If all cholesterol lowering drugs did was lower cholesterol that would be bad enough. But unfortunately, the also come with their own bag of side effects:

• Fatigue and Low Energy • Loss of Libido • Erectile Dysfunction • Excessive Muscle Wasting • Inability to Handle Stress • Fatigue and Low Energy • Weight Gain • Osteoporosis • Breast Cancer • Depression

5If nothing else then this list of conditions associated with statin drugs should really give you pause before signing on for something that may or may not help your heart disease:

• Progressive Muscle Disease • Diabetes • Liver Damage • Digestive Problems • Immunological Disorders • Memory Loss • Lou Gehrig’s Disease

If you are told you have high cholesterol it would be a good idea to start having thyroid tests done. Chances are you will start to find some imbalances there that can be addresses to help cure your problem from the root cause. Don’t fall into the trap of just lowering your cholesterol with drugs and not really understanding why you have high cholesterol in the first place.

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How Hypothyroidism Is Connected To High Cholesterol