How John Lost The Belly Fat.

By Paul Whitelaw

Its a fact gaining weight just seems to creep
up on you almost unnoticed. This is what happened
to John who works for the same firm as me in SE London. John used to be a very active man supervising numerous building projects, till he was inevitably promoted to a office job. Alas this change in working conditions has brought about a escalating weight problem.

Every working day he sat at his desk with his computer screen and paper-work only getting up for another cup of coffee or to sometimes look out the window at the far away Canary wharf.

When it was time for the lunch break he would head down to Burger king or McDonalds. In the eighteen months since he started this job he has gone from a trim 175lbs to 224lbs This added weight has left him feeling unfit and miserable and he has decided at long last drastic measures must be taken.

Luckily for John another member of the management on the next floor office knew of Johns problem and while they were talking the conversation drifted round to Johns ballooning weight. The colleague diplomatically suggesting some quick weight loss tips and a invitation to join a fitness club that he is a member of. This colleague also told John it was not only a matter of adopting a good diet and a suitable exercise regime but he also had to change his lifestyle a little too.

Two day later after work was over John went to the fitness club to see if it would be right for him. He got talking to a instructor who told him about different exercises like cardio and cross training these would include Running, jogging cycling,swimming, aerobics,rowing and even simply walking. He could see John was out of shape and suggested he start very low key!!

John had a strict medical from is doctor and some quick weight loss tips, there was no health concerns to worry about he was also advised about a healthy nutritious diet.

Monday night off he went to the fitness Centre for his first session. He soon got to know the other members and got down to some work. John went to the fitness Centre 5 nights a week he did not go Saturday but he went out running with a member. Sundays he did no exercise at all to give his body a rest. The fitness club had a high turnover of members a lot of them were serial dieters but John was different he was determined to lose plenty of weight. It was hard work but he persevered and was shedding weight slowly every week.

Six months later after much work in the gym and eating a good diet John was now a healthy twenty one pounds lighter and very much fitter!! He brings his own food to work with him packed by his new girlfriend (no more greasy fast food or fizzy drinks at lunch time or endless cups of sweet coffee.

The desk job he used to have has now been given to a new recruit a young man, and John has been promoted to senior management a post that requires plenty of energy which John has in abundance.

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How John Lost The Belly Fat.