How To Build Muscle Mass Easily

Looking back, I can’t believe I was ever so under weight.

I decided then and there, that not matter how long it took- I was going to become one of those ripped guys. I was going to get ripped. Someone that guys want to look like and girls want to be with.

Over the next 12 months, I built over 55 pounds (25kg) of strong muscle mass. Now I am the go to guy for all my friends for help on how to get buff fast.

This is what I tell them

1. if you want to add muscle then you have eat big. If you are as underweight as I was and you want to build up, then you have to understand right now that a lot of your results are going to simply come down to what you eat.

You can workout as hard as you like, but you are not going to get that chiselled, jacked look unless you eat 3,500 + calories of nutrient rich foods each day. It’s as simple as that. Eat lots of brown rice, tuna, chicken, brown bread, veggies, steaks, protein shakes. Aiming for a mix of 20 protein, 40 carbs and 20 essential fats (percentages)over 6 to 8 meals per day. I couldnt believe the difference that I felt from eating enough of the right calories.

Number 2. Number 2 tip. Find a good routine and stick to it. I saw too many of my mates at the gym doing the same weights or not making any gains. Whilst I kept adding extra weight and looking more ripped every time I entered the gym. This was because most guys never get a good routine organized, or they keep changing up their routines before they see any real gains. Its so disappointing to work out for years and never make any gains.

Thirdly. When you get to the gym- make it count. Try to avoid distractions- chatting with mates, large water breaks etc and get focused on your goals. You are in the gym for one reason only- that is to get buff really quickly! There is plenty of time to socialize before and after a workout, but when you are in the zone, really make it count. Always strive to better your previous workout. Pushing yourself to the end in every exercise and set.

4. One of my favorite ways to get the best gains is to use some staple supplements. These are safe items like creatine and whey protein powder which have been scientifically proven to get great improvements. They are no replacement by any means to a good meal plan and workout plan but they can be that extra little help which helps you increase muscle and lose fat quicker.

If you follow my advice you should change your body quickly.

Be one of the few that do as opposed to the many that talk.

How To Build Muscle Mass Easily