How to Build Muscle Without Weights

It is pretty easy and effective to build muscle without weights if you can think outside of the box. It is quite funny how many people believe that it takes weights to build impressive amounts of muscle. Luckily the past few years body weight training is making a comeback. Not only is it possible to build muscle without weights, there are groups of people more impressive physiques than what you find in the typical gym environment.
Build Muscle Without Weights
[A group of guys out of New York called the Bar-Barians do nothing but body weight exercises and they put most guys in your gym to shame.]

You Can Build an Impressive Physique Without Touching a Single Weight

Have you ever watched men’s gymnastics in the Summer Olympics. These guys probably have the most ripped and muscular physiques in all of sport and all of it is created using body weight resistance. Not only do they have large muscles, they have incredible muscle definition. One of the advantages of using body weight instead of building muscle with free weights is that it pays to diet off any excess body fat. If you are a little chubby, it makes the exercises harder to perform.

But Can You Build Large Muscles Without Weights?

You aren’t going to look like Mr Olympia without using free weights, but those physiques aren’t pleasing to look at. The professional bodybuilder look was popular for a short period of time in the mid-to-late 80’s, but is completely outdated. People realized how unnatural and unhealthy this look was. It pays to be maintain a medium body weight with exceptional muscle tone. Once you put on too much muscle your strength to weight body ratio goes down dramatically. A gymnast is much stronger pound for pound than a bodybuilder.

Master One Arm and One Leg Movements to Put On Muscle

To really progress using body weight exercise it pays to add resistance or simply make an exercise more challenging on the muscles being worked. You can add a weight belt around your waist if you are doing chin ups or a weighted backpack if you are doing push ups. A better alternative is to master one am chin ups and one arm one arm push ups. This way you can exercise with little equipment.

Hanging Leg Raises Are the Only Ab Exercise You Will Ever Need

Did you know that chin ups work the abs better than crunches? Nothing works the abs like hanging leg raises. Honestly…nothing even comes close. If you can work up to 4-5 sets of 15-20 reps of hanging leg raises done properly, you will have better abs than 99% of the population. In order to see your ab definition, you will want to get to a low body fat percentage.

Just Master 4-5 Tough Body Weight Exercises to Build Muscle

For an amazing physique simply master one arm push ups, one arm chin ups, hanging leg raises, and “pistol squats”. After you master these basic lifts maybe work on mastering hand stand push ups. By the time you can do each of these exercises, it will be obvious that you can build muscle without weights.

build muscle without weights