How to Create Bigger Muscles!

By Darrel Mitchell

Growing muscles in a short amount of time are what every bodybuilder wants to do. When bodybuilder stop making progress increasing their muscle mass, this is known as hitting a plateau. This is when most of them start to give up. It is a disappointing time for them, however I do have some good news. There are tips and techniques that can help you to get over this issue. Read on to get these tips.

There are things that you cannot change in bodybuilding. Your age is unchangeable along with your genetics. If you can’t change them then don’t put a lot of focus into them. Your time is better spent elsewhere like defining your goals. Research has proven over and over that writing your goals down and adding a deadline, you will have a greater change of success of completing these goals than if you didn’t write them down. Rest is important, you need to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day. While you are resting, your body is repairing the damaged muscles. There are some other tips that you can apply to help you get over a plateau.

To prevent injuries, do these steps. While you are lifting weights do the complete range of motion. Your muscles will experience the full tension of the exercise, which helps in promoting muscle growth and it keeps your body in perfect alignment which helps to prevent injuries. Warm up before every routine. Do a 10 minute Cardio exercise. Anything will do but don’t make it too intense. All you are looking to do is get your body warmed up and working up a little sweat. Now it is time to do a little stretching. Same thing as cardio, not too intense, something that will increase your range of motion.

Stress is what makes the muscles grow fast. By changing your exercises and routines every 3 to 4 weeks, will add stress. Change the exercise order, if arms are the first exercise then move it to the last exercise. Changing the exercise is not enough, you will also need to change the reps and set for each exercise. That still isn’t enough, you need to change the tempo and speed of each exercise along with the rest time between each set. Make these changes and your body will start to increase its muscle mass.

Body builders need to consume a lot of calories. It is a lot easier to drink some of these calories instead of eating them. That is why protein shake is very popular among bodybuilder. But they are expensive if you buy them, however you can make your own. You will need a blender, protein powder, and some fruit. There are many recipes online, just look for one, try it out a few until you find ones that you like. Another great source of protein are eggs. They pack a lot of protein and are easy to eat. When you are buying your food to feed your body, shop in the outer aisle. This is where the natural foods are and stay away from the inner aisle. This is where the processed foods are. When cooking your vegetables, steaming them is best because you will not lose the nutritional value where if you cook or boil you will lose 75 percent of the nutritional value.

You need to drink 1 gallon of water every day for proper muscle development. Water keeps you hydrated and it keeps your body in an anabolic state. Plus it helps to cut the number of free radicals which has a negative effect on your body. The only supplements that you need to take are vitamins and creatine. Creatine delivers energy to the muscles which will help you to increase your strength. Don’t use supplements as a meal, eat real food instead, but protein shakes are ok to consume. If you find yourself a little sluggish before a workout, drink a cup of coffee. The caffeine will give a boost to help to complete your workout routine.

Having a workout buddy can help you to gain muscle strength. They can spot you when lifting heavier weights and can help cheat on the last couple of reps. Both of these techniques will help with increasing muscle mass. If your workout is not producing the results that you are looking for, try an old school routine. This is when you do 10 sets of 10 reps. Do this for 3 weeks, then go back to your normal routine.

It is hard to get over the hump, but these tips will help you to get over it and you will start again to see results.

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How to Create Bigger Muscles!