How To Design A Simple 4 Step Weight Loss Exercise Plan

By Jon Allo

One of the main factors why people stop or lose interest in their exercise plan is because they create regimens that are too hard to follow. Regular exercise has both instant and long-lasting results and with an easy to follow weight loss exercise plan helps you to keep with the plan and makes it more enjoyable. Here’s how to design a sustainable weight loss exercise plan in 4 easy steps.

1. Make It Fun.

When you exercise to reduce weight you need to be able to enjoy what you’re doing. If you don’t, your workout will become a chore and you’ll soon give it up. When you start weight loss exercise plan, instead of trying to do the best possible workout right away, aim to pack your workout schedule with active things that you enjoy. This will help get you in the habit of working out and having fun, without the workout being something you dread.

2. Don’t Overestimate Yourself.

People almost always overestimate their own ability to work out and stick to a new weight loss exercise plan. That’s why so many people get a new gym membership at the beginning of a new year and then never follow it through. Begin your workout routine at 30% less than you think you can manage and then work your way up from there. Then, instead of you overestimating and feeling guilty that you have not achieved your goals, when you underestimate you’ll feel good about exceeding your goals.

3. Add Variety.

When you always do the same type of exercise to reduce weight you’ll probably get bored of it quite quickly so add a little variety to your routine. Try a new sport every couple weeks, or try a different type of workout. If you normally exercise on your own try a group class or visa versa. Another way you can add variety is with different types of workout music. The kind of music you play during your exercise routine can have a big impact on your workout experience.

4. Put It In Your Diary.

Your weight loss exercise plan need to be treated with the same importance as a real meeting with a friend or business contact. Once your workout is in your schedule don’t cancel it. Marking down your workouts into your diary is a major element of following through. If it’s only in your mind, it’s easy to miss your workouts or reschedule them. Don’t be embarrassed about sharing your schedule with your work colleagues, friends or family. If you were going out of the office for a lunch, you would tell someone and it should be the same when you go for your workout.

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How To Design A Simple 4 Step Weight Loss Exercise Plan