How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Want to gain muscle mass fast? Well it surely beats gaining it slowly. The key word here is “muscle mass”, because you don’t just want to add mass. Gaining muscle and fat is extremely easy, because you simply just have to eat a ton of calories and do some sort of steady weightlifting. Gaining muscle mass without body fat takes a strategic approach. The number one rule of gaining muscle without fat is to train without eating excess calories.

gain muscle mass fast

Gain Muscle Mass Fast With Training NOT Calories

Sure, you can eat your way to a massive body. The problem with that is that it will surely be a lot of fat and just a bit of muscle. Gaining pure muscle involves training in a way that forces your body to adapt. Muscle building is about training and much less about diet than people would have you believe. We have been taught that building muscle requires large amounts of protein, but that is a false belief.

Have You Ever Seen a Prison Gym?

Although I have been fortunate enough to never have seen a prison gym in person, I have seen them in documentaries. I have also trained in the same gym as ex-cons. The one thing I have seen time and time again were bodies built by extreme amounts of training, but with few calories. Prisoners do not get to eat 6 times per day. They also don’t get quality sources of protein a lot of the times, yet many of them build physiques with massive muscles.

Many Muscular Men in the Military As Well

The military is another example of men who get fit without having the ability to eat all of the time. Military physiques are built by extreme physical activity not extreme nutrition. So gaining muscle mass can happen even in an environment of low calories. If you forget the notion that you have to eat like crazy to gain muscle mass, then a lot of the mass you do gain will be pure muscle.

High Volume Training Alternated With High Tension Training

The best way to gain muscle quickly is to spend periods of time just focused on a high volume of lifting without over training. This will build large full muscles. The problem with just focusing on high volume training is that it can result in a soft looking physique. Every 2-3 months it pays to switch to high tension training. This is another way of saying low rep strength training. Lower reps will create harder contractions and allow the muscles to increase in density. Both of these methods should be used without eating excess calories. This is how to gain muscle mass fast and winding up with a body you will be proud to show off at the beach.

gain muscle mass fast