How To Get Thinner By Eating

By Simon Templer

Everyone at some point must have thought that in order to lose weight, you must eat less, it’s not entirely true, but it’s not entirely false. You eat only the number of calories that a required for your body measurements and your metabolism. You use the Food Circle as a reference but keep in mind that’s not a rigid diet, you can add foods that help you to get thinner.

Planning ahead, while taking into consideration these factors, will enable you to assess your nutrition. Try to cut food only if you eat more foods that provide you much more calories than what you really need in your daily activities, but don’t cut more than the rate of your metabolism, if you do so, your body will respond by shutting itself down in order to conserve energy to respond to this forced starvation. Keep doing your regular meals and try to add our suggestions of healthy foods in order to have a balanced diet.

Brown Rice:

This food has the same energy value of regular rice when it comes to calories, but the coating adds nutritional value, since it contains fibres as well as other vitamins and minerals.


Stop worrying about bad cholesterol, by adding beans to your meals, you’ll add unsaturated fats to your diet and a great source of proteins.


The fat that’s present in the fish – Omega 3 – is very healthy for us, it prevents heart problems.


This is another food that is good against bad cholesterol due to the presence of unsaturated fats. They control your appetite since they are rich in fibres among other nutrients. Don’t overuse it though; a single nut is nutritious but very caloric.


One apple a day keeps the fat away, it’s the ideal food to reduce hunger since it contains two of the most powerful elements that have that property, water and fibres and they even are low in calories. Even the peel is good to do some tea due to the nutrition value, they are rich in minerals and vitamins.


You can spend a whole month without eating, but if you don’t drink water during one week you might die, this talks a lot about water’s importance, don’t try to lose weight by cutting on water, you’ll only hurt yourself, besides, water has no calories.


Tea was always regarded as a powerful medicine due to the presence of bioactive elements which helps the longevity in our body by eliminating substances that cause illness in our body and improves our health by cleaning our kidneys due to its detoxification properties and facilitate the digestion by increasing the metabolism. Don’t overuse teas, since they can push your body to the limits causing sleep and heart conditions.

Skim milk:

It has lower fat content and less calories, if compared to regular milk. It’s a good source of calcium and helps prevent osteoporosis.

Red pepper:

The action of the spice consists in burning the fat via metabolism increase, you’ll also feel less desire in consuming sweet foods and foods with fats.


By eating a banana, you’ll be contributing to stabilise leptin levels, the hormone that controls hunger, this property is due to the presence of fibres that facilitate the digestion.

Knowing the properties of some foods is of the first steps to get thinner, don’t reduce your meals more than you need, but add these extras, understand that fibres reduce the need to eat by controlling hunger and that a nice cup of tea after meals help in your digestion by breaking down the fats and burning more calories.

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How To Get Thinner By Eating