I Have Read That A Colon Cleanse Is Important In Thrush Treatment – Why?

By M B Laloli

The reason why a colon cleanse is a necessary step in thrush treatment is that the colon cleanse will eliminate a large percentage of the Candida population from your gastro-intestinal system. Flushing your colon will eradicate both the Candida yeast cells and the toxic metabolites it produces so that the numbers of Candida left in the gut are reduced enough for probiotics and anti-fungal medications or natural anti-fungal products to work better.

A number of colon cleanses are available on the market but it is important to find a product such as “Complete Candida Colon Cleanse” which has been developed especially to kill the yeast and remove the toxins and other bi-products. Candida Colon Cleanse has a mix of caprylic acid to inhibit the yeast and Psyllium powder and Bentonite which are natural purgatives.

You may well ask why it is important to use a colon cleanse as part of your thrush treatment even when the symptoms involve the external areas of the body such as the vagina (Vaginal Candidiasis), the groins (jock itch) , the mouth (oral Candidiasis) , the nails (paronychia) or the skin areas.

The reason is that 80 -90 % of the population carry Candida naturally on their bodies in areas such as the oral cavity, the vagina, warm moist areas of the skin, and the gastro-intestinal system. Candida species make up part of the body’s normal flora. However the growth of Candida is usually kept in check by the competitive growth of the bacterial species which also live naturally on the body as part of the normal flora.

Normal flora, also referred to as the “good bacteria,” competes for space and nutrients and releases metabolites which prevent the growth of pathogens such as Candida. Normal flora can also release acidic bi-products such as lactic acid which helps to maintain an acidic pH which is required for a healthy functioning body. Actually normal flora have many roles to help maintain a healthy body – they help in the digestion of our food; they regulate stomach, vaginal and skin acidity; they produce an acidic pH in the vagina which is necessary for fertilisation; they help to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from establishing themselves on the body; and enhance and support your immune system.

If conditions in the body become unbalanced due to things like hormone changes, the use of antibiotics or steroids, pre-existing diseases such as diabetes or even physical irritations if you wear tight jeans or synthetic underwear, the ratio of the normal flora balance will alter and it is then that opportunistic pathogens such as Candida can overgrow and establish infections.

Sometimes when the body is out of balance and local symptoms of thrush are experienced, i.e. yeast vaginitis, you may also get a number of non specific symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and muscle ache, which may be caused by yeast overgrowth in the gut. This is caused by the toxic metabolites which are released and then absorbed into the blood stream. When Candida yeast cells die and deteriorate they release many different toxins which can also be absorbed into your blood-stream. It is the combination of these toxins which cause the short-term symptoms like headaches and fatigue. This is known as yeast overgrowth or yeast overgrowth syndrome.

For this reason it is important to use a colon cleanse in combination with any thrush treatment you are using. The colon cleanse reduces the number of Candida cells in the gut and flushes out the toxins. When you then implement a Candida diet and ingest food which has an anti-fungal property, for example garlic, there is a much higher chance of it being effective at eradicating Candida. If you also use a probiotic at the same time to replace the normal flora which has been affected, you will be able to re-establish the natural balance between normal flora and Candida. This results in a good holistic approach to thrush treatment

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I Have Read That A Colon Cleanse Is Important In Thrush Treatment   Why?