Introducing Elite Body Squad’s Newest Product Release… Lifting Straps

100% Cotton Padded Weight Lifting Straps – Extra Length<br><br>Elite Body Squad are excited to announce the release of their latest item in to their popular range of gym accessories.<br><br>This short video describes the benefits and features of their weight lifting straps…<br><br>You’ll see why they are really excited about the new launch and find out how to get some for yourself.<br><br>Below are some of the benefits of Elite Body Squad’s weight lifting straps…<br><br>* HIGHEST QUALITY<br>* EXTREME DURABILITY<br>* INDIVIDUAL DESIGN<br>* TOTAL RELIABILITY<br><br>In truth all you’ve always come to expect from Elite Body Squad… and even more! These lifting straps are now offered on<br><br>Simply look for ‘Elite Body Squad’ and see our full range of workout aids to learn more.<br><br>

Introducing Elite Body Squads Newest Product Release... Lifting Straps