Is A Cup Of Tea A Day Enough

Tea is a worldwide favorite drink for those trying to stay healthy and everyone in general. Not only are there a ton of great flavors of tea but they are all really healthy and beneficial for our bodies. Tea is more than accepted in every nutrition plan or fitness programs. The benefits of tea are endless starting with how great it is for the immune system to the great deal it does for our skin.

Starting with Green tea, the benefits are endless. Green tea’s antioxidants may interfere with the growth of many different cancers such as bladder, breast, lung, stomach, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers. One very important benefit of green tea is it can actually prevent clogging of arteries and help burn fat. Tea can also lower risks of stroke and believe it or not improve your cholesterol. Green tea has also been known to be a great allergy fighter. One major benefit of tea is it is so good for the immune system do to it’s powerful antioxidants. Green tea has also been widely known to be useful in controlling inflammation from injury or diseases such as arthritis. In theroy certain tea can provide you with more energy during your in home personal training session.

Black tea has the highest caffeine content of all of the teas and is most widely used as a healthier substitute to coffee for a jump start to the day. Many people would agree that it’s much lighter and tastier than coffee. Switching from coffee to tea can help lower daily caffeine levels. Black tea forms the basis for chai tea. Research shows that black tea may protect lungs from damage caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. Black tea can also reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

White tea is the most uncured and unfermented tea. Many people believe tea is the healthiest drink the world has to offer. A study has shown that white tea has the most significant amount of anticancer properties compared to many other teas.

The benefits of Oolong tea are never ending. Due to thee powerful antioxidants in oolong tea many people drink it to help lower there bad cholesterol levels. Oolong is also known to be amazing for the skin. For those of you who are dealing with wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging, give oolong tea a go.

Studies have been done that those who drink black, green, or oolong tea for more than tea years have higher bone mineral densities, even after exercise.

Tea is possible one of the most healthy drinks found in the world, there are just so many positive benefits..

Is A Cup Of Tea A Day Enough