Jump Rope Workout – 12 Jump Rope Workouts For Shredding Fat

Is Skipping Rope Better Than Running?<br><br>This is not an easy question to answer as it all depends on your level of intensity and what you define as better. Skipping rope, when done appropriately, can give you a work out in ten minutes that you would have to run for thirty minutes to get, but that is also specific to the individual. Secondly, jumping rope has another benefit that other workouts do not in that it is very fun to do if you introduce different tricks as seen in the below video. <br><br>

<br><br>The above video gives you a beginner’s guide to getting good at jumping rope. Try out all the different exercises and see if you can incorporate all of them into one fat shredding routine. Skipping rope is not just for boxers or for people who are into cross fit, everyone can get results from simple twenty minute workouts. Some lasting benefits that most people see from jumping rope are enhanced hand eye coordination, agility, endurance, increased cardiovascular performance, and weight loss.<br><br>Back to the question of whether jumping rope is better than jogging. It really is all up to the individual, the average person (sadly) cannot skip rope for 10-15 minutes. However, If you can skip rope continuously for about twenty minutes, then you can compare it to jogging. The benefits are different for every person and to every goal that they may be trying to achieve. Boxers do not cut weight by jumping rope they sit in the sauna for hours in order to do that. While middle aged women will greatly benefit via weight loss from jumping rope.<br>

Jump Rope Workout   12 Jump Rope Workouts For Shredding Fat