Kegel Exercises for Males – Discover How You Can Last Longer Now

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a very prevalent sexual dysfunction identified in nearly fifty percent of all adult men. The emotional effects of the shame and humiliation caused by this condition are enormous and in most cases go untreated. Erectile dysfunction (ED), a interrelated dysfunction, attained importance when the cure was accidentally uncovered during clinical tests for a heart drug (sildenafil citrate) and successfully marketed by the big drug companies. PE, alternatively, has been recognized for just as long as ED however the matter is still taboo amongst most guys and partners. The paradox is that your early ejaculation woes can be successfully treated in your own home while not taking any mind or body altering drugs and at very little cost. The problem is largely formed initially by incorrect adolescent sexual practices and later by stress and mental anxiety and is not the result of any medical or physiological problem. The remedy is to undertake a stage by stage strategy to re-program the brain and body to control your sexual feelings and with appropriate practice and dedication you will be amazed by the results.

One of the best exercises a man can do is one that women have been working at for many , many years. It was formulated by Dr Arnold Kegel in 1948 and is named the Kegel exercise (go figure!) and it is used to bolster the muscle tissues of the pelvic floor. Dr Kegel discovered that women carrying out these routines on a regular basis averted urinary system incontinence and vaginal prolapse. It was later on determined that these same exercises have special benefits in men – benefits that include reducing prostate disorders and improving sexual stamina.

The pubococcygeus muscle or PC makes up a portion of the pelvic floor and is responsible for the flow of seminal fluid and urine in males. The time it takes you to climax can be improved substantially by strengthening this muscle and thereby taking control of your lovemaking endurance.

The muscle mass can be identified when you are next in the bathroom and try to halt the flow of urine. The major advantage of executing Kegels is that they can be done just about anywhere and without detection by anybody around. (Caution: They are NOT recommended in the course of urination – the earlier reference was just for recognition of the specific location). The best way to perform the exercise is to begin slowly and gradually increase the intensity just as you would with building any muscle tissue group. I recommend beginning by tensing the muscle tissue for 5 seconds and then releasing and resting for five seconds. Repeat this for ten reps and retry the set two to three times each day. Eventually you can expand the contraction period and complete about 200 reps each day. Within a few weeks you can see marked improvement in your ejaculatory control and of course, you can last longer now.

Here are some suggestions when performing Kegels:

• Urinate before attempting

• I repeat, DO NOT execute during urination.

• Don’t attempt to over do it. The muscle tissues need time to recover, just like developing a six pack!

• Relax your abdomen and thigh muscles

• Inhale whilst holding the contraction

• Practice good form with control. Quality is better than quantity

• Use various positions to exercise – sitting, lying down and standing. This has a subtle effect on the way the muscles operate.

Kegel Exercises for Males   Discover How You Can Last Longer Now