Lose Stomach Fat In Your 50s – What Is Your Weight Loss Meal Plan?

If you are past Fifty you have  had lots of time to accumulate a list of favourite foods. When you hear a phrase like “weight loss meal plan” you can quickly be turned off by it, thinking you will need to give up those foods you like so much. You might even  imagine having to eat small portions of boring, unattractive meals: something you have to do, rather like taking medicine. It does not need to be like that, however you do need to pay attention to the food you eat if you want to lose stomach fat.

What are you going to have for breakfast?

This is an important meal and will set you up for the rest of the day. There are plenty of choices from a variety of foods that will help fight fat. Here are some suggestions.

* Eggs are a great protein food and easy to prepare. You can have them boiled, poached, fried (in olive oil) scrambled or made into an omelette. There are other variations, but these are the simple ones.

*A small portion of lean meat – add some onions or tomatoes or capsicums or whatever takes your fancy

* Natural cereals like muesli, oats, bran – add some fruit or honey

* Fruit in season

What about lunch?

If you are going to have a sandwich, make the fillings healthy. Stay away from white bread: wholemeal is better but spelt is better still, but you may have to make the sandwich yourself. There are a variety of salads you can prepare or buy – chicken, tuna, beef, and lamb.

Try not to eat take-aways cooked in commercial cooking oil as this will put on weight, and help clog up your arteries. Avoid sodas with your lunch, or at any other time for that matter. Go for green tea, water or freshly made fruit juices. Avoid commercial fruit juices you buy off the shelf as they are full of sugar and have very little goodness left in them.

Keep dinner simple

Unless you have the time, and love cooking, simple meals work best. There are any number of combinations of meat, fish, vegetables or salads that you can make into tasty meals. Most people look forward to their evening meal so you need to make it as interesting and appetising as you can without having to put in too much work. Do a little research and you will soon have some easy recipes that you will enjoy preparing and eating. This is important because you will not stick to a weight loss meal plan that is bland and boring.

Do not forget the snacks between meals. You need to avoid feeling hungry, as you will be tempted to snack on sugary food or to eat more at your next meal. Besides, you need to eat regularly to stabilise your blood sugar. Look for fresh fruit, dried fruit or nuts. If you want to make a change, mix them with cottage cheese or yoghurt. Here again, with a little effort you can come up with healthy combinations that you like.

Put some thought into your weight loss food plan and you will soon look forward to your meals. You will enjoy them all the more when you feel healthier and you see you stomach fat disappearing.

Lose Stomach Fat In Your 50s   What Is Your Weight Loss Meal Plan?