Lose Weight Through Mindful Eating

By Crispian Jones

Trying to lose weight can seem like it requires a lifetime of deprivation and struggle. Worse, often you feel these emotions and end up with little to show for it; you lose weight but then gain it back again fast. But for you that stops now. Your road to success is going to start here, where you will learn how to use the concept of being mindful of your eating, and even hypnosis, to increase your commitment and end the cycle, once and for all. You can become the thin you that you have been wanting to be.

Make a Commitment to Healthier Eating Today

Anything worth doing takes a commitment; this includes losing weight. You probably already know what foods are good for you, which are bad for you, and what bad eating habits have led to your weight gain and the trouble you have losing it. Yet, you may feel that you lack the ?willpower? to really lose weight and keep it off. But willpower is not enough. What you need is to learn to get your subconscious mind on board so you can make a real difference in your life. You also need to learn a few basic strategies to help you on the road to success.

Improve Diet Success with Mindful Eating

If you are overweight you are eating too much. This doesn’t mean that you are eating a dozen eggs and a kilo of bacon for breakfast, but it means that you are eating more than your body needs to sustain it. Assuming that your doctor has found you healthy, with no metabolism issues, the simple truth is that you need to eat less in order to lose, and then maintain, your weight. The problem with many people in today’s fast paced, fast food world is that too often we eat absentmindedly, without being consciously aware of what we are doing. Studies have shown that this type of eating causes us to eat far more than we normally would, as we ignore or do not recognize our bodies’ cues that we are full. Thus, the first step in your commitment to lose weight needs to be becoming more mindful of your eating.

Mindfulness is a concept that psychologists have coined to simply mean that you are consciously present and paying attention to your actions. Many of us tend to go through much of life not being mindful, as we fail to pay attention to our children, drive to work on “auto pilot”, and snack on junk without even realizing it. Thus becoming mindful of your actions is a very important step in curbing your eating and becoming a healthier you. But what does this mean?

Being mindful and eating consciously is as simple as it sounds – you need to be aware of your eating. This means that when you eat that is all you are doing: eating. You do not watch television, read the newspaper, or check your Facebook page while you are eating. You simply eat, paying attention to the taste and texture of each bite and enjoying your food. When you are mindful of your eating habits a few things happen: You enjoy your meal more, you feel full more quickly, and you make better decisions about what to eat.

You can master mindful eating in 2 ways. 1) Keep a food journal. A food journal helps you identify patterns in eating and recognize when you are eat out of emotion rather than hunger and other issues. A food journal can also let you see when you are eating too much junk food and lacking healthful food. 2) Be conscious of what you are eating. Turn the television off, put the phone on mute, pay attention to your eating, chewing each bite completely, putting down your fork between bites and truly enjoying your meal. Mindful eating is a necessary step in your journey to weight loss and maintenance.

You can lose weight starting today, wherever you live. One great way to lose weight is to follow a healthfull, toxin-free diet while being mindful of what you put into your body. To learn more about how you can lose weight read “Live Life and Play the Paleo way – A Beginner’s Guide to the Caveman Diet” by Crispian Jones. Or, watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw2L1a2meP8

Lose Weight Through Mindful Eating