Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

If you know ‘What is Cholesterol‘, there’s a chance you’re better equipped to figure out ways which reduce the cholesterol levels in your blood. It is necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. It is present in the exterior covering of all the cells within the body and it has a lot of roles. It’s a significant sterol that is synthesized by the animals. It is actually transported throughout the blood of each and every animal. In Greek, ‘chole’ means bile and ‘steros’ means solid or stiff.

Cholesterol carries out a considerable amount of functions in our body. It preserves and builds the cell membranes. It blocks the crystallization of many hydrocarbons. It is vital for creation of quite a few hormones. It assists in the production of bile. It is necessary for the metabolic process of some fat soluble A, D and E vitamins. Moreover it gives insulation for the nerve fibers.

LDL is frequently known as the bad cholesterol. It may cause the risk of arterial diseases if your LDL level is way too high. Generally, human blood is made up of 70% LDL. It may vary from person to person. HDL stands out as the good cholesterol. It takes the cholesterol away from the body cells towards the liver. Triglycerides are often the fat bodies found in the blood. If the food many of us eat is not used instantly, it will be converted into triglycerides and retained underneath the skin as fat. In case there are emergencies the moment food consumption of the body is lower, all of this fat is transformed into energy and utilized.

Cholesterol level is measured through a cholesterol test.

* Less than 200 mg/dl – Normal

* Between 200 to 239 mg/dl – Borderline High

* 240 mg/dl – High Risk

A cholesterol test is recommended for every adult above the age of twenty, at an interval of five years. Your doctor may suggest a test if any predisposed condition is present.

High cholesterol symptoms may not be identified by touch or sight. If you are suffering from arthrosclerosis, some of the high cholesterol symptoms may be revealed. These may include narrowing of coronary arteries, pain in the leg while exercising, blood clots, ruptured plaques and xanthomas. Any damage to the heart muscle can cause heart failure. The doctors might prescribe some drugs to reduce cholesterol. They may also suggest some life style changes. There are many online health portals that give great insight on ‘what is cholesterol’ and how to lower cholesterol levels. So, reduce intake of high cholesterol foods and stay healthy.

Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels